Alejandra Cobos Tularosa Basin
added on Mar 18, 2019
Alejandra Cobos Tularosa Basin - 1
Alejandra Cobos made a relatively unrevealing Zishy debut at the beginning of this year. It was exactly the type of slow tease she subjected me to in person, as well. You can witness her gradually warming up to the idea of baring more while in the backseat of the car. Well friends, Alejandra is the real deal. She has the total package: an incredible beauty, a powerful sexuality, and a daring personality. Direct hit!
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Alejandra Cobos Tularosa Basin - 3
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fbfanatic : Alejandra's sets have been terrific. She's just a gorgeous young woman. Perhaps she has no interest, but any mainstream erotic model site like Playboy etc. would jump at the chance to have her for sets and video shoots. Her work here clearly shows us that a model can be incredibly beautiful and sexy without having explicit shots of her private part. She is a pleasure to look at.... about 1 year ago
ftgrl980 : Alejandra has such beautiful armpits over 1 year ago
Ormatthew : When will we see more of her??? over 1 year ago
princefan79 : Great backdrop for this wondrous model--yeah,she sets-off rockets! over 1 year ago
fbfanatic : I just joined this site a few days ago and must say it's an incredible bargain. Alejandra is beautiful and sexy with clothes on and when she takes nearly everything off. Although individuals have varying preferences, the tease leading to full or close to full nudity is still the best element of erotic photography. It would be wonderful if you could shoot a few more sets with her in a studio. She's really hot. almost 2 years ago
ftgrl980 : I too did not take very long to finish to Alejandra after jerking off to her almost 2 years ago
CarlosD73! : Wow...A Stunner almost 2 years ago
jackrandom : amazing. please keep shooting her in the future! about 2 years ago
Minjanohawk : Would love to see more content of her in the future. about 2 years ago
greywolf : She is just gorgeous . . . perfect boobs , Ass and Thighs. . . a perfect Body about 2 years ago
benergy206 : gorgeous about 2 years ago
Johnny Tees : I like that. about 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : As Elvis me tender, love me sweet, all my dreams fulfilled........what a prime Grade A ass. about 2 years ago
ro : Good God. about 2 years ago
Tampa33629 : In love about 2 years ago
Kiwidude : She is next level hot!! not hard to look good there!! about 2 years ago
happyboy : smoking hot !!!!!! about 2 years ago
BoyBoy69 : damn...she is so sexy... for me she is gold medal..! lovely lips, lovely boobs, lovely ass...lovely smile... pls we need more photoes of this fantastic babe!! about 2 years ago
maxdelsmart : oh man - this is an AWESOME set! Zishy Gold! about 2 years ago
Bonita : lovely about 2 years ago
bnccy : Wow she is amazing! Hopefully she's up for more :) about 2 years ago
gojo885 : What Car? about 2 years ago
z4co : Kinda disappointed that all the pictures were in the car when there was so much lovely scenery to be had out there. about 2 years ago
vynth : Woaaah! she's gorgeous! about 2 years ago
voyeur13 : Now that's more like it. about 2 years ago
Diablo7 : Legendary. about 2 years ago
fatboyfudd : meh about 2 years ago
lonic123 : Super cute and sexy, this ones a keeper. about 2 years ago
Elcachorro : Holy. Shit. about 2 years ago
MegoRatz : Didn't take long to finish to her... damn!!! about 2 years ago
william : Zack you have struck gold!! Gorgeous! about 2 years ago
SmallAxe : Oh my lawd....i am in love. about 2 years ago
room199 : More and more please! about 2 years ago
room199 : Christ, how gorgeous is she! about 2 years ago
Butsche : Liftoff! We have a liftoff! about 2 years ago
Ison13 : Hell yeah!!! about 2 years ago
lastoftheV8 : Yeah she's giving me a bit of a stiffy it's a wholesome stiffy not a creepy one so it's ok. about 2 years ago
Pavmentsurfer : Wow... I never comment... but I just had to. She is unbelievable. No question one of the hottest, sexiest and cutest women youve ever shot. More please. about 2 years ago
Borii : about 2 years ago
moopieb72 : DAMN!!!! about 2 years ago
dovamoes : Super cutie. about 2 years ago