Dita Vetone Couch Shopping Sorta
added on Mar 14, 2019
Dita Vetone Couch Shopping Sorta - 1
I met Dita Vetone one evening at the beach. I saw a woman wrapped up in a blanket with a photographer walking back to the parking lot. I approached and asked her for her Instagram. I explained that I was also a photographer and perhaps we could work together. I had no idea what type of insane natural figure lay hidden under that blanket. Life is full of surprises. I think I'll keep at it. More Dita is planned.
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fatboyfudd : TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched, STFU about 1 month ago
fundagirl : Awesom. Beautiful!! 3 months ago
P3RS3US04 : Oh my god, she has the most beautiful feet! any foot fetish guy would go crazy about this set. Her natural beauty is amazing, would love to se more of Dita. 6 months ago
dela : cette fille est superbe, j'aimerais bien voir ses seins et sa vulve. 7 months ago
girthyukman : Love this girl! More please!! :D 7 months ago
Gateway : I love this girl. Great upskirt shots. 9 months ago
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched : fatboyfudd, you made a douchey comment, in which you didn't even get her name right, and got called out on it. Just take your punishment like an adult and move on. 12 months ago
ashmad3937 : Hand them the camera to take a few of themselves. I’m curious to see how they frame it 12 months ago
fatboyfudd : Ibpoetsurfer : shut the fuck up and mind your own fuckin business 12 months ago
mrkimhere : I see the close ups of her face and my heart melts. This site is not porn. It is showing the beauty of real women. Not fake models. Thank you for your artistry. 12 months ago
Jajar : Seriously one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Just wow. Please. More shoots please. about 1 year ago
piotrunio33 : More od her plzzZ about 1 year ago
Spencer : Definitely need a topless photo to make this set perfect about 1 year ago
Add_Dress18 : WOW. More soon, please. We've waited long enough already! about 1 year ago
gerartor : just a gallery of this girl I think it deserves many more ... about 1 year ago
Coltrane : She’s kinda perfect.... what’s her Instagram? about 1 year ago
Phorsythia : Totally gorgeous woman. Love those peepers. When do we see more? about 1 year ago
recessesofmymind : You think she has any clue just how hot she actually is? Jesus. about 1 year ago
dsg574 : Any news about possible second shoot? ;) over 1 year ago
Minjanohawk : Holy fuck she is hot over 1 year ago
rmontague : You must show more of this woman over 1 year ago
MixnMingle : We have another WINNER!!! over 1 year ago
Kiwidude : #60 WOW! over 1 year ago
pornafa0731 : Can we please start getting picture sets of more than 100 pictures? All these sets of less than 100 is disappointing? Why are there not more? over 1 year ago
hylke76 : yes please! over 1 year ago
remigius : Lovely! Love the dress, love the glasses, love the woman. Thanks xxx over 1 year ago
princefan79 : Great model! More shots lit like the last two, please, and anything else you can think of you great photographer, you! over 1 year ago
LeatherSoSoft : she could get ravaged over 1 year ago
flopt : Dita is really something....young and such a figure!! Beautiful breasts and butt that need even more exposure of course. What a sweetheart! over 1 year ago
Bobby Peru : WOW!!!!!! over 1 year ago
DanPlainview : Well, she's already a favorite. Wow. Obviously want to see her out of the bra but her cleavage is amazing. Hope to to see some more of that too. over 1 year ago
HenryJ : Yep over 1 year ago
r0000b0t : What is going on with her eyebrows? over 1 year ago
bribear2 : Can't wait to see more of her! over 1 year ago
billmurraythebatman : She is absolutely unbelievable. I give her 10 stars out of 5. I cannot wait to see her again. over 1 year ago
Renaud : wow! beautiful and very sexy over 1 year ago
cobb : We all hit the jackpot over 1 year ago
moopieb72 : Nice. over 1 year ago
maxdelsmart : this set shows again why this is the only site I am a member of over 1 year ago
Whistlingfish : This set reminds me of Zishy's early days -- and why I subscribed in the first place. Well done. over 1 year ago
gerartor : more please more of this girl, much more... over 1 year ago
hubbahubba : Wow she is gorgeous, please say more bikini and minus bikini shots coming... over 1 year ago
mden15 : Fucking Marone!!!! Una Bella ragazza. This firm breasts, moist pussy, slender frame, beautiful skin, and those feet. So fucking cute. Made me so hard without showing much... Grazie!!! over 1 year ago
lbpoetsurfer : A)who cares if she is that old b) she’s beautiful regardless c) have you met many forty year olds. ? Because there are plenty of very attractive women Of all ages over 1 year ago
phaedrus : Holy geez what a figure. And thanks for snapping some shots of her feet.... they're probably the nicest on this whole site and she wore the shoes to match. over 1 year ago
dsg574 : Please....some more! She is stunning. over 1 year ago
Vincent : Pretty but not sexy sexy pictures over 1 year ago
Otis : MUST see more of her! over 1 year ago
non3 : I'm having a heart failure... over 1 year ago
pusiecat : reshoot this girl!!....extremely sexy over 1 year ago
lonic123 : Love the dress, hoping those killer curves are unleashed in part two. over 1 year ago
TDTD3232 : Where's part 2? over 1 year ago
renoguy78 : I hope there's more of her on the way. I think a lot of us would like to get a look at those warlocks. over 1 year ago
Talon : It seems to me that a second part is needed... over 1 year ago
fatboyfudd : Drita is an extremely beautiful woman but seems to be older than your usual cadre of models. Is this a " fabulous at forty " photo shoot? over 1 year ago