Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II
added on Mar 12, 2019
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 1
They are back. Now you know why I had to break it up into two parts. Rune Kimele and Bernie Svikis share the ideal afternoon at the beach with us. The sun was warm, the water was refreshing, and the shashlik was heavenly. Shashlik is marinated cubes of fatty pork neck cooked over coals or wood. It is very easy to understand why so many cultures love it. More to come of these two eventually.
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 2
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 3
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Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 4
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 5
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 6
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies II - 7
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Great set especially martha
HenryJ - 9 months ago
beautiful young ladies. Hope to see them again
Fafa94 - 10 months ago
A pair of beach cuties and a little flash of tits and bottoms! very nice.
traveler - 11 months ago
Beach, barbecue, and bikini babes! Aouwah!!!
princefan79 - 11 months ago
I think freckles are the most sexy thing a woman could have. Freckles on the nose are the best! Great series, loving the air shots.
hylke76 - 11 months ago
the blonde peach fuzz wonderland
Fiersze - 11 months ago
What a great day it must have been ! Love #40 and #58 !
Sovereign - 12 months ago
I'm loving these two!!!!!
MegoRatz - 12 months ago
Two total smokeshows that would hate me staring at how fucking cute they are at the beach, but thanks to Zishy I get to without feeling any guilt! Awesome!
Minjanohawk - 12 months ago
love the fine blonde hair on the back in the sunlight in a few of the closer up pics...please do more of this and hopefully get in closer...
rod - 12 months ago
dont like doubles. this is like a bubble bath, meh
makeitrain28 - 12 months ago
not sure why the low rating but oh well have fun :) everyone loves smiles. and nice neck :O
PatrynXX - 12 months ago
Flawless stuff Zach. Looks everybody was on their game that day. I'm sure you shot some duds with them but none of it's here. The red/green bubble thing was cool, the peek underneath the steering wheel (#6) is all I'll think about today, and that headshot in dappled light (#56) of Bernie, OMG. Looking forward to part 3 someday...
JoeZ - 12 months ago
They look like loads o' fun!
maestro9 - 12 months ago
johnsiv - 12 months ago
Holy dang, y'all.
ItWasn'tMe - 12 months ago