Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1
added on Mar 05, 2019
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 1
It may not be warm where you are, but Rune Kimele and Bernie Svikis should help you pull through this historic winter. The two adorable friends took me to a popular beach in the middle of the European summer. We had such an experience that I must do it justice by breaking it up into multiple parts. Stay toasty and stay tuned.
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 2
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 3
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Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 4
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 5
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 6
Rune and Bernie Sunny Bunnies pt 1 - 7
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maximum WASP
zaxes1234 - 10 months ago
I love the picture sets and how they look, but why are the sets so small? Could you please start doing sets of 200 pictures or so size?
pornafa0731 - 11 months ago
Great set; lovely Girls; teasing bodies. Please more.
greywolf - 11 months ago
Magnificent. Please more.
flaerndip0 - 12 months ago
I finished quick with these two... double thanks!
MegoRatz - 12 months ago
Jurmala? Looking forward to part 2!
cxiii - 12 months ago
Wow. Definitely one of your best galleries to date. 10+. Beyond their obvious hotness, the genuine energy between Rune, this new girl, and you is amazing. Must have been a fun day. I like the opposite expressions on the couple that's walking past them in #2. She's scowling he's giving a "hey nooooow" (Joey) expression. It's funny. Great job.
JoeZ - 12 months ago
btw Bernie Sis? :D she got curves in the good way.. :O nothing wrong with Rume either. Easier to smile on her
PatrynXX - 12 months ago
well I'm up in Iowa with MN friends and we have roofs collapsing at barns :( But for us guys and some girls this could distract us from the misery. We need snow but like everything there is something called too much of a good thing...
PatrynXX - 12 months ago
cute little girls, how old or they 14 and 15? You better watch it pal.
rockhopper29 - 12 months ago
How fun! One of your best double shoots yet. Thanks!
TymePeace4U - 12 months ago
This set is amazing, thank you. More, more, more.
bkk1558 - 12 months ago
I cannot wait for part two!
voyeur13 - 12 months ago
Zac - if you ever plan on branching into naughtiness, please put these two high on the "first pairing" list.
DarthSync - 12 months ago
Definitely the kind of friends I need to meet!
edgarallanpoe - 12 months ago