Heidi Romanova Shows Me The Maidan added on Feb 28, 2019

Heidi Romanova Shows Me The Maidan - 1
Heidi Romanova possesses a beauty that can make me leave everything and fly alone into a distant country at war. Kiev is another lovely place with lovely people that I will eventually forget because of my failing brain. Take lots of pictures because everything is changing. I need to remember where I came from and who I have been.
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Utterly gorgeous and enchanting xxx
remigius - 22 days ago
Wonderful set. Love seeing Kiev and listening to Heidi talk.
ericpault - 23 days ago
Heidi and Kiev are both stunning, I think it was the choice of clothes that did not work for me.
lonic123 - 24 days ago
My honest reaction was "oh wow" out loud. She is extremely beautiful.
Minjanohawk - 24 days ago
God I love redheads..... They are the most passionate lovers and generally have a great sense of humor. Heidi is definitely grade A prime.
rockhopper29 - 24 days ago
she could wear a paper bag and not shower for a week and she would still be absolutely gorgeous.
diablo69 - 24 days ago
Need more please!
moopieb72 - 24 days ago
Nice creative set. She's beautiful here. Went back to "Mellow Kievo" where you got some awesome shots from the floor. :-) I noticed she has this peculiar one-two-three dot tattoo on her hand. Any back story? Peace.
JoeZ - 24 days ago
Heidi's a Hegre girl.. Hard not to love her. She's well respected.
PatrynXX - 25 days ago
Just love her.
ffulmar - 25 days ago