Georgia Ames Pizza Night
added on Feb 19, 2019
Georgia Ames Pizza Night - 1
Georgia Ames and I grabbed some pies one evening. The unfortunate thing is that it was also pizza night for a few local families with kids. Quick goat-thinking, Georgia offered to take my camera into the restroom and make her own magic. I waited patiently without taking a bite. Such a gentleman. We capped off the evening with some adventurous shots in Georgia's neighborhood. The moon did hit my eye that night.
Georgia Ames Pizza Night - 2
Georgia Ames Pizza Night - 3
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recessesofmymind : Those raw bathroom shots are delicious. about 2 years ago
Jajay9 : she is fit love more of her about 2 years ago
Minjanohawk : Omg she's so beautiful! Wow! about 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : How many others observed the octopussy next to the monopussy? about 2 years ago
gerartor : i love this girl... about 2 years ago
Ison13 : Haha, I agree Tyler. about 2 years ago
PatrynXX : Sweet mother of pearl :O (jaw on floor) about 2 years ago
Tyler : oh wow, you should give your camera away to the girls more often lol about 2 years ago
Robyngoodfello : Fantastic! about 2 years ago
Humanicus : Incredibly sexy. about 2 years ago
princefan79 : Luminous and luscious! It's cute how she shows off her tattoos, and she even makes the pizza slice look sexy--damn! about 2 years ago
Naughty Mystic : hnnggg... about 2 years ago
room199 : A prime example of a woman! about 2 years ago
biged72 : She's absolutely freakin' gorgeous. about 2 years ago
Kiwidude : shes super hot! about 2 years ago
sad144 : Always beautiful about 2 years ago
Ison13 : Georgia's growing on me, she's certainly...what's the word...PERKY. :P about 2 years ago