Lacole Sawyer Sunshine State
added on Feb 06, 2019
Lacole Sawyer Sunshine State - 1
When the bleak winter weather loses its novelty, I like to escape to the warm underbelly of America. Florida is far from perfect, but it can be just what I need to keep from slitting my wrists. Lacole Sawyer is a gorgeous college student who was looking to earn cash for her spring semester. Being an artist herself, Lacole holds liberal views when it comes to nudity and sexual expression. I can't wait to see her bright smile again upon my return to Tampa.
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just get her back.. she is to hot to have only one set
Peter Pan - 2 months ago
Sorry guys she looks like Chris rock
Ishag221193 - 2 months ago
Wow. Just wow.
howaboutthis - 3 months ago
We need more from her!
recessesofmymind - 3 months ago
hot shit. and those silhouettes...good lord
Naughty Mystic - 3 months ago
Incredible! I nominate #30 for ass of the year 2019
Kiwidude - 3 months ago
Real cutie. Hope to see more.
amn119 - 3 months ago
Sweet, Superb, great Set
greywolf - 3 months ago
Yes! Mighty fine sunshine in the face of Lacole! 100% content approval!
princefan79 - 4 months ago
The Force is strong with this one
IronManD8 - 4 months ago
lovely. need more of her
Kblr616 - 4 months ago
Drop-dead gorgeous and sporting a Rebel Alliance tattoo? Not fair.
ro - 4 months ago
My God, that body, that smile. She just lights you up.
Taffy Lewis - 4 months ago
So beautiful, #17 and #38 are hot. Thanks Lacole.
marceire - 4 months ago
Lacole has a perfect body! I would totally wife her immediately ;)
Wildbrit - 4 months ago
Great Job Zach and Lacole!! Beautiful, diversity and Lacole looked like she had fun and Zach looked inspired. Definitely more of her 5 stars.
sad144 - 4 months ago
So perfect
coaching profile - 4 months ago
simply wonderful, encore, encore!!!
kinkyman - 4 months ago
Hope she returns for another shoot
PD268 - 4 months ago
SHE IS PERFECT.........................
Sergio Berto - 4 months ago
Remarkably beautiful!
karl55 - 4 months ago
Wow. great stuff. She's smokin' hot. Loved the high contrast silhouette stuff on what I assume is the back porch. Perfectly balanced light to accentuate those curves. Nice.
JoeZ - 4 months ago
Minjanohawk - 4 months ago
black girl magic!!
blueboy - 4 months ago
wooo damn the ass and leg combo here is incredible
Diablo7 - 4 months ago
absolute goddess!!! more more more!
gpro - 4 months ago
Corps superbe et magnifique sourire !
FrenchJack - 4 months ago
PD268 - 4 months ago
jayzord - 4 months ago
Callipygian Venus!
Ffej55 - 4 months ago
Definitely want to see much more of her :)
earlyfall - 4 months ago
ItWasn'tMe - 4 months ago
What a beautiful vision!
pierre - 4 months ago
Chyma - 4 months ago