Slava Konevs The Professional 2
added on Jan 21, 2019
Slava Konevs The Professional 2 - 1
Part two of my indoor adventures with Slava Konevs. She says she works out 'a little bit'. Whatever you say, my friend. Those abs are fire. Stay jelly.
Slava Konevs The Professional 2 - 2
Slava Konevs The Professional 2 - 3
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therealgentleman : She is literally, in my view, the picture of perfection. I would not ask for anything else but her. 10 months ago
Rjams00 : you are my dream. perfect. about 1 year ago
DKX55 : She gets the "Most Purely Sexual" Award. Just so good with the camera and so giving of herself. Lovely woman who sticks in my head. almost 2 years ago
lastoftheV8 : I bet that she is Belarusian because her name is a Slavic name Slava means glory in Russian Ukrainian and Belarusian about 2 years ago
Ishag221193 : Can we get married? about 2 years ago
billzish : I agree with vynth - Christ ! about 2 years ago
vynth : Jesus christ! about 2 years ago
5h4k3z00l4 : Please... Please... Take more photo shoots of this beauty incarnate. about 2 years ago
jagster99 : I would swim to Latvia. What a stunningly beautiful princess! about 2 years ago
daverbee : Perfection! about 2 years ago
Spitfire : Yeah baby! ❤️❤️ about 2 years ago
Sergio Berto : You 're back! I'm your fan. Very beautiful and perfect! Thank You! about 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Nice! about 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : Another home run Zack the Zishy guy. Just a really cute girl and nice set. Thanks about 2 years ago
karl55 : Exceptional beauty! about 2 years ago
maestro9 : Outstanding specimen of the female form. And yeah, the abs are amazing, just like that bubble butt! about 2 years ago
Robyngoodfello : Yes about 2 years ago
Ison13 : Damn, someone took my word "amazing" i'll just go with "YUM!" :P about 2 years ago
damsel : Ah hem... now THIS is a part 2, & the most beautiful woman on Planet Earth about 2 years ago
iliketitsandass : WOW! She is prime! about 2 years ago
lonic123 : A perfect beauty, great photos, thank you. about 2 years ago
Davemellow : She looks bored and unhappy... about 2 years ago
Johnny Tees : In pic 31. I would be behind that ready to feast! about 2 years ago
rollo : Only one word comes to mind to describe her: Amazing! about 2 years ago
pat2705 : Very nice! Made my day look brighter. about 2 years ago
Taffy Lewis : She's back! Amen. about 2 years ago