Annie Duque De Nada added on Jan 19, 2019

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When I find a woman like Annie Duque, that is filled with energy and natural beauty, but is also thousands of miles away in another country, I begin searching for any semi-competent local photographers that are up to the task. Here are the results. Annie is a winner and Colombia continues to call my name. Let's get after it this Saturday night.
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Bonus Video Clip

TOP. And ready for full monty :}
HenryJ - 10 days ago
More playful booty vids please.
Johnny Tees - about 1 month ago
muy sexy...................Congratulations! Great Set Again.................
Sergio Berto - about 1 month ago
more of her please
manjose - 3 months ago
annie makes you feel right a home!
cybcar - 4 months ago
Gracias indeed, so fucking CUTE!
Kiwidude - 4 months ago
Puta la weona linda. The song's called "Se me perdió la cadenita" by the way ; )
randomname - 4 months ago
What are those undies called?
derfeldherr - 4 months ago
Definitely hoping for more of her.
antithesis - 4 months ago
moopieb72 - 4 months ago
Viva colombia. Best of the best.
Lop246 - 4 months ago
The crowd has spoken, we need more annie!!!!!!
Ison13 - 4 months ago
HOLY FUCK ! Annie is right off the charts. Thank you and more soon please.
lonic123 - 4 months ago
Colombia <3
coaching profile - 4 months ago
Outrageously hot.
billmurraythebatman - 4 months ago
Zishy will never cease to amaze me. Thanks!
derletztelover - 4 months ago
Latina women are so sexy
happyboy - 4 months ago
Absolutely stunning! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 4 months ago
Robyngoodfello - 4 months ago
Magnifique !
Alain - 4 months ago
Yes something about South American women that just know how to please a man.
richard_bone - 4 months ago
she is so fun and perfect! more of her please
simona - 4 months ago
Oh we go again with delicious white panties.
rockhopper29 - 4 months ago
Very beautiful
Hd69 - 4 months ago
Wow, absolutely stunning girl and set. Got to bring more of her.
hubbahubba - 4 months ago
All I can say is "More please." 11/10
Minjanohawk - 4 months ago
What can do you do at the end of that video except press play again
jayzord - 4 months ago
Overall, what would people say is the better export from Columbia--photos of the women or the homegrown coffee beans? Difficult to say? I'm liking the Zishy international outreach and hope it can go even more diverse!
princefan79 - 4 months ago
Beautiful model with a great shape (pics 56 & 57) and pretty teeth.
sad144 - 4 months ago
dovamoes - 4 months ago
Very nice indeed!
Ison13 - 4 months ago
I'm moving to columbia!
beeger - 4 months ago
Very nice!
rollo - 4 months ago
Phenomenal! More of her plz
Shadow - 4 months ago
This woman is absolutely on top. I would not be surprised and pleased to see her soon on other pages in the adult industry. And hopefully on Zishy as well.
Smokystone1 - 4 months ago