Trista Jakes Very Traditional 2
added on Jan 09, 2019
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At some point, we need to tell these assholes, to whom we give a significant part of our paychecks to, that they can all hit the bricks. They fuck with our environment, our health, our safety, our children's futures. They even fuck with our pathetic existence on the goddamn Internet. Not cool, bros. At some point, we need to grow a pair and say enough is enough. They can't come after us all if nobody complies. Death to the broken system. Despite everything, Trista Jakes still has the ability to put a smile on my face. Our move. Let me know when you are ready.
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Bonus Video Clip

très sexy cette trista,j'aime beaucoup son derrière et ses jambes.J'aimerais bien découvrir son entre-jambe.
dela - about 1 month ago
Sniffer - 4 months ago
I dig her fuzzy mound
Hornytxn - 6 months ago
More pleeeeeeese
atmtali - 8 months ago
I’m licking my lips! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - about 1 year ago
Did she compete on Forged in Fire? Is she a metalsmmith? She enjoys her metal, I enjoyed those long legs and fine butt. Sweet
rockhopper29 - about 1 year ago
Three thumbs up! Nice vid too.
Ison13 - about 1 year ago
Very cute, indeed
asphaltcowboy - about 1 year ago
Now that's a one lovely woman.
happyboy - about 1 year ago
I love for pussy to have hair on it.
henry88 - about 1 year ago
She's marvellous
ederkam - about 1 year ago
shes perfect.
fatboyfudd - about 1 year ago
Was loving her forearm hair (Alyssa Milano had such famously sexy, doesn't now :( ) And then.. Trista rolled that lovely head of hers right off the side of the bed and I just love it when the model gets inverted upside down be it relaxing or head, hand stand , backbend or more fun bridges (can't imagine back bends. Alot of weight to land on the wrist with) Sudden blood rush to the head causes interesting things :)
PatrynXX - about 1 year ago
She's awesome indeed.
non3 - about 1 year ago