Ulyana Orsk Town of Light 1
added on Jan 07, 2019
Ulyana Orsk Town of Light 1 - 1
Another lengthy study of a beautiful Slavic woman, Ulyana Orsk. She wanted a sexier pair of undies, so it gave us reason to explore the shops of this quaint coastal town. After finding the yellow gems pictured here, we played the role of adventurous tourists. More from this day to come. Russia may not be a shining example of the democratic process, but I have enjoyed each of my visits so far. I really hope the next great war does not occur until after my time. There's so much Zishy to still be had in this complicated country. С новым годом!
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Gateway : A treat. What a beautiful girl. 7 months ago
LickingVickyVoss : another delicious set with the Beautiful Ulyana Orsk. ohh yes. i feel sorry for the Guys whom are stuck at work watching this; god forbid too because i'm sure they don't wanna have to put there ERECTIONS in seclusion in public. Lol Damn, ZACK are you trying to me some of bust in our pants;because i'm sure its working Ha ha Lol! wonderful, Exquisite Set right here, this ART at its finest. 12 months ago
fre302 : Lovely very sexy and pretty 12 months ago
Spitfire : Nice very nice! ❤️❤️ about 2 years ago
Kiwidude : a bit prickly, otherwise mint about 2 years ago
ASSmanJim : DELICIOUS,I just wish you were NUDE over 2 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Gorgeous! over 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Cute! over 2 years ago
Ison13 : Classic Zishy, very flirty, teasy & sexy! :) over 2 years ago
PatrynXX : Well Democracy is kinda shot. Especially if it's getting harder for ALS to pull off public nudity where they used to. Irony being the guy up in our White House has seen way too much porn. Zishy I don't find to be porn. It sits somewhere between Hegre (although if Zach had a 151 mp camera I'm sure he'd love it but so would everyone else) and the ladies around Nikki Sims and tease. I think shooting in a car creates some unique lighting. imho. as well as shooting with a canopy over. So Zach's doing good with lighting. I'm an eyes fan so those are first come first serve :) over 2 years ago
lonic123 : Always like the flashing in public, looking forward to pt 2. over 2 years ago
cymrocwl : Not so sure that anywhere apart from Switzerland is a shining example of democracy, and certainly neither the UK nor the USA are such! Nice set of pictures. over 2 years ago