Dallas Mills After Breakfast Vanilla
added on Jan 04, 2019
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Dallas Mills has returned. She is an incredible specimen, especially in that California sunshine. This job gets a bit trickier every year. The Puritan mentality is a formidable foe and is fighting hard to make humanity keep its pants on. This year, I hope C.K. jerks off in front of more eyeballs than in the last decade. Willing eyeballs, of course. Us freaks must stand together. ZV out!
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slystone : Grandaddy+juicy chick = perfection .. about 1 month ago
sheeps69 : there goes my comment Virginity, please bring this godess back, she is flawless. 3 months ago
David J : Dallas is so beautiful. Stunning set of pics and lovely video !! 7 months ago
Gateway : What a beautiful set and a beautiful girl! Well done! about 1 year ago
Hornytxn : Cutest toes ever! over 1 year ago
chibi666 : one of my favourite songs! also: girl is very attractive. over 1 year ago
xenocide : Actual Perfection. More and more of this wonderful woman! She could have a site all on her own and I'm sure many would subscribe. about 2 years ago
sargie : I/we think she's quickly becoming my/our favourite model on zishy. Simply stunning and so elegant. Bated breathe for the next Dallas instalment. about 2 years ago
lonic123 : Stunning beauty, the eyes have it. about 2 years ago
dhonjoe : Zach, i see a pattern here. You connect in a perfect way with three models: Dallas, Freda Motten and Spencer Bison and the results are impressive. Thank you about 2 years ago
Kathmandu : Dallas is my favorite! I cannot control myself when seeing her. Another outstanding photo shoot! about 2 years ago
Johnny Tees : I like the white color scheme. Cute ass! about 2 years ago
Johnny : sexy, great ass especially about 2 years ago
Vincent : Pretty but not sexy, no more of her please. about 2 years ago
HenryJ : A study in pants... about 2 years ago
Fiersze : @Talon and once again we encounter the dreaded "we". A good rule of thumb - speak for yourself. Nobody elected you as their representative. There are those who are 100% on board with Zach's style. about 2 years ago
Knife&spoon : Great work Dallas and Zack!! about 2 years ago
Ison13 : Dallas is so tasty! Love the video, great song selection too. I thought I recognised that song...it was used in "28 Days Later" when they raid the supermarket. We definitely need more and more Dallas! about 2 years ago
CaptainMog : Does anyone have her instagram or anything where we can see more of her? about 2 years ago
PatrynXX : Total tease , and when they but up lower back up on to the ribs it doesn't matter whats going on :O the scores go up about 2 years ago
damsel : Never fear Zach! When the job gets to be too much, I'll take over for you and you can explore home gardening. I got your back brother! about 2 years ago
DarthSync : Truly a sexy young lady. about 2 years ago
only_a_test : god damn about 2 years ago
Otis : Her ass should be in the Louvre! about 2 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Dallas (and this set) goes down in the Zishy history books. This is easily one of the all time bests! Please come back soon, Dallas! Also - great job, Zach! And Talon - You don’t speak for all of us, so don’t say “we.” about 2 years ago
Diablo7 : This one is goddamn incredible. about 2 years ago
johnkay : Beautiful set, Zach. Great welcome aboard for new member! about 2 years ago
ZachVenice : @Talon, I have no idea what you could be disappointed with. Well actually, I have one. The lack of nudity, right? Zishy is about tease. I, personally, like it when there is some mystery left for the viewer. Would you rather not see a girl like Dallas at all? You can only appreciate her completely nude? about 2 years ago
Talon : Another disappointment, like the previous contributions I hope you improve the next, although it is true that you have your style, but do not forget that we are in this site about 2 years ago
JoeZ : Zach, you may LITERALLY have the best job ever... about 2 years ago
jayzord : Great girl great pics great track about 2 years ago
diablo69 : A+ one of the best sets I remember seeing on the site. about 2 years ago
rollo : Outstanding set! Very beautiful young lady. about 2 years ago
B4i4q : 2019 genetic lottery winner about 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Sexy! about 2 years ago