Skye Blue Has Silver Bells
added on Dec 09, 2018
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Skye Blue and I did some holiday shopping along with some jaw dropping at the Galleria. There are some of you who have expressed great distress over nipple piercings. I want to assure you that all will be fine. Once you meet your dream woman, she will obey all your wishes for her body. She will understand that her sole purpose in life is to make you happy. You will not have to accept any part of her that does not agree with your taste. For now though, please ignore Skye and the other divas with the body mods. I am sure there are enough of us out there who have removed our heads from our anal passage to appreciate these individuals as they are.
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I recognize the Galleria in north Dallas. Nothing like this ever happens when I'm there..
KrisMX93 - 4 months ago
Hot nipple piercings too
asphaltcowboy - 5 months ago
to all the knuckleheads who moan about piercings and tattoos----noone gives a shit what you think, especially these hot girls
bjmbear - 5 months ago
There are a couple of limp dicks who seem to be bothered by comments I occasionaly make. Look jerk offs, that is what this section is about, make your comments about the girls, not other peoples comments. You people obviously are paying more attention to what someone writes than the beautiful women on this site. So to you, go suck yourself.
rockhopper29 - 5 months ago
I wish we could mute certain users. Rockhopper29 is a clown.
recessesofmymind - 5 months ago
moopieb72 - 5 months ago
Rockhopper29 thinks that women exist only for his enjoyment
etatsopa - 5 months ago
Geeezzzzz girls please stop punching those damn holes in such beautiful titties. You may think it looks cool, but it is hard on us guys to enjoy the taste of metal and at the same time risk breaking a tooth.
rockhopper29 - 5 months ago
I’m in fucking love
Icywrist - 6 months ago
She has a very lucky master, I hope she is a good girl for him.
00me4200 - 6 months ago
Body mods are fine, but she's missing an apostrophe in "weren't!"
Smarmy - 6 months ago
it might be short but finally some under tongue :d :) Still the fact there is more than one person at the mall means good things, although frankly where can one move while there is a blizzard inside :O
PatrynXX - 6 months ago
Skye--she's an undercover-superhero comic character come to life-animation in this mall excursion.
princefan79 - 6 months ago
Heels and leggings. Such win!
website2 - 6 months ago
Lol he said "don't fuck it up" watch out kiddo
Cbas0123 - 6 months ago
I don’t really mind the piercings, but please spare us the lecture on preferences. You have a comments system here, why do you expect that people should never complain. We could all very easily not pay for any of this, but we do pay because we like it here. Don’t fuck that up.
yishot - 6 months ago
I'm a fan!
mac2112 - 6 months ago
Yay pic 11 from Prague! franklinespinoza84 you're obviously new. All of these wonderful women are my favorite.
damsel - 6 months ago
GORGEOUS!!!!! Can’t wait to see her again!
billmurraythebatman - 6 months ago
Oh yes, more of Skye please!
room199 - 6 months ago
I'd wish for nothing more than nipple piercings and blue hair. She is gorgeous.
heelslovermi - 6 months ago
a very sexy pretty girl
happyboy - 6 months ago
Dickman22 - 6 months ago
WoW! perfect
fatboyfudd - 6 months ago
Stunning Beauty. . . although I don't go for Bod< Piercings at all , she got me with her face and her attitude. Nice Butt b t w .
greywolf - 6 months ago
Happy holidays to us!
Robyngoodfello - 6 months ago
Wow. My fav on Zishy. Stunning!
franklinespinoza84 - 6 months ago