Keira Romero Full Trottle
added on Nov 28, 2018
Keira Romero Full Trottle - 1
The beauty of this job is that every woman I photograph is unique. Just when I think I have seen all possible permutations of personality, body type, hair color, etc, there comes around some new muse that will refresh my creative appetite. I have no idea where this obsession will take me, but it is my only hope for authentic expression. Finding the next Keira Romero is programmed into my DNA.
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Bonus Video Clip

a truly remarkable set here Zack'. she reminds me of those nerdy coed book girl at the library or that quiet girl in HS whom nobody took notice at all and ......BAM!!! ( in my Emeril Lagasese voice ). Holy crap look at that body,those perk breasts those ample tight hips with her nicely smooth shave pussy cat soo you can lick her up and down with her panties on just for a tease while at the library !! ohhh yeah' she's definetly a Man's Naughty Little Dream.or at least thats what i get from this set. i'm pretty sure you were on a similar path with this after reading your paragraph.
LickingVickyVoss - 4 months ago
Given the title of the album, I take it you are a YMH fan? Keep 'em high and tight.
GingerBread1991 - 5 months ago
moopieb72 - 5 months ago
Love this girl, as much of her as possible, please
reza - 5 months ago
Opinions can be treasured, they are what make us unique. To criticize what you don't understand is in poor taste. Up your game. Zack understands this. My opinion
Darktarget - 6 months ago
Incredible. Great work.
maestro9 - 6 months ago
I’ve never commented before, but I need to now. This set absolutely typifies this site at it’s best. An incredibly sexy, yet realistically imperfect, model in an equally realistic setting; photography refreshingly free of touch-ups and filters; pictures that put the viewer there with her in their own mind’s eye. Love it, thank you.
Sano22 - 6 months ago
The closeup sideways shot of her titties is outstanding. I can almost taste those nipples with my tongue swirling around them. Good work, pretty next door girl type.
rockhopper29 - 6 months ago
very sexy
rabbit77 - 6 months ago
So you guys give 5 star just for naked girl? Can you guys be more objective that just giving 5 stars for things that bust your nut? This was an okay scene but there are others better quality.
jg123 - 6 months ago
Get thee back to the land of fake smiles Watcher you seem to have got lost
jayzord - 6 months ago
Concerning to all the photos and video clips: I think I am in the kindergarden here. I can‘t understand the positive comments. I never saw low quality like this. At least 90% of all the photos and clips are low production. But a lot of commercials for FTV GIRLS and ALS SCAN etc. I am not interested to watch girls masturbating but these clips and photos far away from erotic. And the clips are too long. Better 0 seconds. Watch at METART eg. This is erotic. But here mostly laughable. Sorry, but I has to tell this.
watcher - 6 months ago
Nice booty
Johnny Tees - 6 months ago
Seriously, I could just watch an hour-long video of her breathing.
ItWasn'tMe - 6 months ago
Tongue was almost out , coulda gone up :) Quite pointed. her nose and neck remind me of Emile (Nickol) And love that goofy genre in there. It's been missing for a bit..
PatrynXX - 6 months ago
karl55 - 6 months ago
princefan79 - 6 months ago
She is absolutely perfect
Robyngoodfello - 6 months ago
WOW... thanks.
lonic123 - 6 months ago
you could ask fullmetalifrit for a photo shoot :)
maleuser123 - 6 months ago
duckmilk - 6 months ago
Its all about that BASS no treble
happyboy - 6 months ago
The word "muse" came to mind as I looked over all three galleries of this model, it wasn't nearly as nice to see you use the same word as it was to see these shots, extraordinary. Oh my, there is a video too!
jackstraw - 6 months ago
I wanna marry her.
perrochileno - 6 months ago
I love her nipple pokiesin the top and her smile is amazing... stunning beauty
Hornytxn - 6 months ago
ItWasn'tMe - 6 months ago
Zach, totally appreciate you putting the shots (full_1...full_72) in chronological order. looks good and helps to 'put us there in the room with you' if that makes sense. BTW, the subtlety of the see through shots in #8 and #9 --- brilliant. She's totally sexy.
JoeZ - 6 months ago
Seeing pictures of Keira naked is a wonderful holiday treat. Thank you! Keira's ass is one of the cutest and hottest ever on Zishy
ftgrl980 - 6 months ago
Reminds me of my ex.... oh my!!!
mden15 - 6 months ago
Very nice
jayzord - 6 months ago