Tatiana Penskaya As Class Cookie added on Nov 19, 2018

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Tatiana Penskaya dug up some yearbooks when she returned home for semester break. They were on the shortlist of high school artifacts which remained in her old bedroom. She reminisced about certain crushes she had during those teenage years. Damn, we were stupid. Those were good times. Growing up can be so overrated. Kids, you want my advice? Stay dumb. You will sleep better.
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This is my favorite shoot yet!
sss1917 - about 1 month ago
Tatiana , you are a beautiful model
carlosweb10 - 4 months ago
great shoot! nice model!
Gr3g - 5 months ago
love her
rabbit77 - 5 months ago
Pic 28 is an example of excellent photography capturing a moment when Tatiana chose to display her considerable assets and invited all of us to enjoy and dream of entering wonderland. Nice
rockhopper29 - 5 months ago
Very nubile. Great find!
maestro9 - 5 months ago
Am greatly enjoying the photos of this set!
princefan79 - 5 months ago
Those are the best lips tonspread.....
mden15 - 5 months ago
Praying for a Part 2! Straight to my Favs!
Anonno - 5 months ago
I just want to TASTE ALL of you
ASSmanJim - 5 months ago
Wow, my absolute fave. Stunning
hubbahubba - 5 months ago
moopieb72 - 5 months ago
super sexy
happyboy - 5 months ago
I really like the lighting in most of these. She's hot and looks like a lot of fun. Nice job to both of ya.
JoeZ - 5 months ago
teen years would rather forget those. 15-18 being the worst. although being called a homo by really stupid idiots has a sweet spot (I'm obviously straight seeing the above is :O )since they wanted me listening to Pantera because that was a very straight band. Ha Nirvana wasn't but Pantera was huh Nine Inch Nails and Trent no idea... but Pantera's front man he is gay. Never really liked the band. way too dark, Vulgar Display of Power only one I got... the fact that Beacon the Call sounds alot like Breaking the Law shoulda been a dead giveaway ....
PatrynXX - 5 months ago
Nice to see Tatiana fully naked
ftgrl980 - 5 months ago
Goddamn incredible... holy shit
Diablo7 - 5 months ago
Love that sexy belly.
rchangel - 5 months ago
Second last pic should have been last!
PaC - 5 months ago
The sexiest woman on the planet is back!
damsel - 5 months ago
the older she gets the better she looks...great legs and...everything else!
pierre - 5 months ago
zeosef - 5 months ago
Would I love to be the inside of her panties!
teezeme - 5 months ago
Yum Tatiana, so friggin sexy! <3
Ison13 - 5 months ago