Karissa Kane Get The Strap
added on Oct 08, 2018
Karissa Kane Get The Strap - 1
Karissa Kane is one tough looking female. She whipped out this strappy outfit and she showed off her impressive physique. Karissa says she was not always built like this, but to never underestimate the effectiveness of hard work. She definitely is no slouch. Remember, you will get more done if you start now.
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cybcar : love her! 4 months ago
slriggib : It's fine balance for female body builders to look for & strong without looking that feminine essences. Karissa nailed it. 5 months ago
whynot112 : What lovely body lines. Bring her back for more. 6 months ago
cybcar : SUPER WOMAN, GREAT BODY! over 1 year ago
recessesofmymind : She'd make an incredible dom. about 2 years ago
rabbit77 : wow! about 2 years ago
Sergio Berto : Beautiful Body! Very Well!Very Well! over 2 years ago
Kiwidude : Yes I dare say she works hard for that body butt damn I appreciate it, what a physique!! over 2 years ago
2juta4 : Phenomenal over 2 years ago
Substance : Fire from the outset! over 2 years ago
Wilk : Ditto to Rockhopper29. She's come a long way and in a good way. This is the perfect body for some serious and spirited Sex. I'd tie her up though, she's got some FemGuns... over 2 years ago
MTvig9 : Favorite girl on here over 2 years ago
The Brain : Just WoaooooooW..... over 2 years ago
johnsiv : What a fantastic couple of days on Zishy. This set is awesome! over 2 years ago
ASSmanJim : DELICIOUS ASS,GAP,body,bet you TASTE SWEET over 2 years ago
Wildbrit : Thanks Karissa for getting straight to the business in hand ;) ..... where would I find that strappy ensemble? .... i have my own sexy thick Ebony Queen who will set it in fire too .... :) over 2 years ago
princefan79 : WHOAH--Karissa Kane is wearing out those straps! Just amazing...a perfect photo set. over 2 years ago
happyboy : What a woman !!!! what a pretty face and great body !!! over 2 years ago
Alain : Very nice girl, perfect body...plesa more of you ! over 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : Karissa has really morphed into quite a porn star and her body reflects the serious attention she gives it to stay in shape. Her last 4 years doing porn literally changed her entire look from her first displays. Compared her first vid on Girlsdoporn to her latest work. She has become a true professional porn star delivering what the consumers want, an energetic hard fucking. Grade A over 2 years ago
gojo885 : All I can say is that she has one hell of a body and her legs are so soft looking and are very soothing and innocent looking. Hard to explain, but such a turn-on! WOW.....Ready for a Video. over 2 years ago
CidBlacke : what a dream, perfection. wow over 2 years ago
Tangerine63 : Wow... over 2 years ago