Tiffany Drake With Noodles
added on Sep 29, 2018
Tiffany Drake With Noodles - 1
Tiffany Drake finally returns. We went to some Chinese joint for noodles and then to a small park in an upscale neighborhood. Tiffany turned the heads of a few lucky gardeners and dogwalkers. I used to love photographing all types of people. But I soon realized that most people make for shit subjects when compared to beautiful young women in their physical prime. You do whatever you want, but I only have so many years with this failing body. I'm gonna soak up as many cheap thrills as possible. L8r sk8rs
Tiffany Drake With Noodles - 2
Tiffany Drake With Noodles - 3
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Tiffany Drake With Noodles - 4
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Bonus Video Clip

God She's got a great body, and very sexy with it!! Zach no need to gloat you lucky, lucky bastard!
Kiwidude - 8 months ago
Cutie! Love the booty.
Johnny Tees - 8 months ago
Great set! Whut is with the tongue guy below???
jayzord - 8 months ago
Without a doubt, this is a really good set in almost all ways, she looks hot as hell, personality comes through, posing, and all aspects of photography, but the one thing I can't understand is why a model would show up for a shoot with a dirty looking tongue when she knows the photographer is going to doing tongue shots. He always does tongue shots, which I thank him for but the models have to know that going in. And yea, I know some douche on here is going to have something to say, how dare I, well let me say out of the gate, I don't care about your opinion either. Lol!
diablo69 - 8 months ago
Oh yes that is super fine, thank you.
maestro9 - 8 months ago
damn wish she showed panties in public!
voyer4candidteens - 8 months ago
moopieb72 - 8 months ago
#6 and #7 of Tiffany really nice shots, I like #33 also
paul1776 - 8 months ago
Getting better at teasing but at #25 shot :O need emotes or just :O (jawdrop) I'm with rockhopper on that oh my. She's not pulling tendons there they are relaxed.
PatrynXX - 8 months ago
Love the faint hairs down your back in #58 Tiffany, simply gorgeous.
marceire - 8 months ago
this is a legendary set. This girl is outstanding, goddamn
Diablo7 - 8 months ago
Now.....that what I like. Shapely legs with good muscle tone. Nice
rockhopper29 - 8 months ago
Tiff's a fav so great to see her return. Love those panty pics, especially #50-51-52-53. But the winner is def #25...ooh-ah so stretchy! :P And that tight ass of hers needs a cheeky slap or two for sure. <3 <3 Great work Zach.
Ison13 - 8 months ago
Big like
chifalex - 8 months ago