Dahlia Polk Escandalo
Dahlia Polk Escandalo - 1
This is a small update and it is the last that I have of Dahlia Polk. She is a special creation and proof that great things do not last forever. She responded to an ad on Craigslist which I posted before strict listing policies made their site irrelevant. Nowadays, you have to pay to post any gig and even lingerie photo shoots are labeled scandalous and instantly removed. Great work, gentlemen. But once, there were some CL salad days, when you could be easily connected with a beautiful stranger. She could send you selfies that showed off her impressive figure and you could jump on the next plane to Phoenix, eager to make magic. Thank you, Dahlia. You are always welcome to return. Goodbye, Craig. You will be missed.
Dahlia Polk Escandalo - 2
Dahlia Polk Escandalo - 3
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