Helene Trobec Be Sexy Or Not added on Sep 07, 2018

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Helene Trobec calls herself a man trapped in a woman's body. She gets along better with males and hardly has any female friends. Yet Helene still considers herself to be very emotional. She is quite the puzzle to solve. Helene says she loves Elvis Presley, but could not name a song of his. What she does know is how to tease the hell out of a camera even in a silly outfit. Screw glamour, this is the real Helene Trobec.
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Bonus Video Clip

great video
red5 - 4 days ago
Please do more of her. Wow.
antithesis - 7 days ago
Yes!!! What was the question, then?
princefan79 - 8 days ago
moopieb72 - 9 days ago
Great set, so sexy, love those curves, thank you.
lonic123 - 12 days ago
Very sexy. Wish more women these days had a bush though...
randomname - 12 days ago
You ARE sexy Helene! Wow!
damsel - 12 days ago
DELICIOUS body,I want to TASTE your SWEET ASS,THIGHS and PUSSY on your knees or you could just back that up right on my FACE
ASSmanJim - 13 days ago
puffy, squishy, pale, flamboyant Helene ticks a lot of boxes....keep it up x
chop17 - 13 days ago
So cool. The shirt in the mouth thing looks especially amazing with Helene. She has the perfect body for this shot. It is totally sexy. Great job.
JoeZ - 13 days ago
By "man trapped in a woman's body," she probably doesn't mean full-on transgender, otherwise she most likely would be opposed to flaunting her, for lack of a better word, "wrong" parts. And even if I'm wrong, if she(/he?) chooses to change something, that's cool too. I believe the world would be poorer for the loss of this gorgeous female body, but I also acknowledge that is none of my business. Either way, she will never stop being sexy in this set.
benovan - 13 days ago
Helene has got it ALL goin" on. Such a natural and clearly uninhibited with confidence in herself. Lucky guy you are for getting this fabulous set. One of your best with great close work.
rockhopper29 - 13 days ago
happyboy - 14 days ago
Totally happy to see Helene again. AND much happier about your evolving toward allowing us (your member / viewers) to see more than one set of lips. More will even be better but Thank you. There are millions of men who hope that in this day of so many people who believe that they should change their body parts that Helene keeps the ones we was given! So wonderful the way she is. I have always had more women friends then men but I am a raging hetero (my wife said I was a Feminist Lesbian). So, love this and the last shoot and more will ever be better yet. I love the red hair and fair skin. Damn! Nice Dood!
Dusty Roads - 14 days ago
Is that a poo smear on her left butt cheek at 1.12 of the video!
PaC - 14 days ago
Wow! Just... wow! I lover her flawless skin, her curves, her smile... all of it.
voyeur13 - 14 days ago
Wowwee, I just wish there was a whole lot more where that came from!
jackstraw - 14 days ago
She's gorgeous; nice to see her make another appearance on here.
johnsiv - 14 days ago
Amazing tits mmmmm
LICKMYTASTY - 14 days ago
Wow, this pale goddess is truly captivating. I hope to see more of her in the future.
DemiLich - 14 days ago
If there is ever a Zishy hall of fame, Helene belongs in it.
billmurraythebatman - 14 days ago
If you ever want some dick in those ass cheeks... well I don’t blame you.
LeatherSoSoft - 15 days ago
Oh sweet baby jesus...
grv1961 - 15 days ago
PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!
tagsu3 - 15 days ago
Legendary. easily 5 out of 5 for me.
Diablo7 - 15 days ago
Big fan of Helene. Fierce and sexy, lovely breasts and ass. I wish every girl at the gym worked out naked like this! I hope we get to see her feet in her next set.
edgarallanpoe - 15 days ago
Falling in love with her...
non3 - 15 days ago
Helene has a marvelously sexy ass
ftgrl980 - 15 days ago