Central Park Salad added on Sep 01, 2018

Central Park Salad - 1
And now part two of my day with three lovely women in Manhattan. Barbie Qu, Skye Blue, and Nina Presley are true NYC angels. The bonus video is quite brief, but as often I tell my wife after sex, it's better than nothing, right? More from this heavenly day at some point.
Central Park Salad - 2
Central Park Salad - 3
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Central Park Salad - 4
Central Park Salad - 5
Central Park Salad - 6
Central Park Salad - 7
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Bonus Video Clip

2juta4 - 16 days ago
Every Week!
gojo885 - 17 days ago
Such a stunning arrangement
asphaltcowboy - 18 days ago
Awesome set ! Great to see something fresh and different. Thank you.
lonic123 - 19 days ago
Bravo!!! :)
mark - 20 days ago
Think the blue hair attracted me first till Barbie showed off. again biased for many an Asian woman. Chiasa being the first (around 20 years ago online)
PatrynXX - 20 days ago
Ack hey I have a bias of love for Asians. Playful of the bunch I think. Love the shadows area though. (trees) great shooting there.. Barbie do any other sites :O Lovely on model mayhem if thats her. But no activity since February... :(
PatrynXX - 20 days ago
I'm extremely glad that Barbie Qu's dress has those convenient slits – but the blue hair and brown eyes are really stealing the show in this set.
zishy - 20 days ago
That blue hair.....works for her.
bkk1558 - 20 days ago
Really hoping there is a part 3, 4, 5, 6... The sets on here never disappoint but the 2 starring those 3 girls are some of the best work.
Paddy O'Doors - 20 days ago
I love them :-) Plesase come back soon, delicious girls !
Alain - 20 days ago
Wow, all three girls just beautiful
Brengun - 21 days ago
I second the 'every week' request ;)
damsel - 21 days ago
Nina Presley is proof god exists... wow. can you post this trio every week?
superBIGfan - 21 days ago
Well, I have absolutely zero complaints. I hope to see them again soon. I feel spoiled having gotten two sets so soon.
billmurraythebatman - 21 days ago