Three Girls One Schlub added on Aug 24, 2018

Three Girls One Schlub - 1
Here we go. My first time shooting for Zishy in The City. Start spreading the news. New York City has a lot to live up to now in my eyes. I was able to bring together 3 amazing women on short notice. Skye Blue (the girl with the blue eyes), Nina Presley (the girl with the blue hair that resembles ScarJo), and Barbie Qu (the girl in the black dress). We had a perfect afternoon teasing all over Manhattan. You will see more from this Big Apple adventure soon. Evevntually, we made in to Central Park. Then, there were some taken in a friend's apartment. Peace and love.
Three Girls One Schlub - 2
Three Girls One Schlub - 3
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I would like to marry Skye, please and thank you.
recessesofmymind - 17 days ago
Sweet upskirt from Nina. Sad there isn't one from Barbie.
Rodd - 17 days ago
andrey1999 - 17 days ago
They are so phenomenal.
Otis - 25 days ago
Need more sets of those three
Mike1973 - 26 days ago
Nina Presley ++++
superBIGfan - 27 days ago
AWESOME!!!! Love it :) Need Part2 & 3 been waiting for another set like this
mark - 28 days ago
A video would have been great! Maybe next time, huh?
longtemp - 28 days ago
@raygun I'm from California, and I just wanna day... Ouch.
franc420 - 28 days ago
I understand your need to take a picture of a tree since you don't have them in Cali anymore. Picture 57 is pure New York circa 1976.
RayGun - 28 days ago
From an ethics perspective, you shouldn't be taking photos of non-consenting members of the public to be included in a soft porn site. They should sue your arse if that were the case.
PaC - 29 days ago
I believe this is best described as an embarrassment of riches, three very beautiful ladies and a very fun shoot. LuL at the lady in 53 who seems displeased at other people's fun.
DemiLich - 29 days ago
i think you're off to a good start with those 3
squishy - 29 days ago
A very fun set, can't wait for the next session!
room199 - 29 days ago
She definitely looks like Scarlett Johansson
DaveO1337 - 29 days ago
I don’t see the slightest resemblance to Scar Jo, but Nina is absolutely gorgeous. They all are. I can’t wait for part 2 and I’d love to sss more of all of them in the near future! Great set, Zach!
billmurraythebatman - 29 days ago
excited for more
antithesis - 29 days ago
great adventure, indeed!
BenGunn - 29 days ago
Zishy at its best. The girl with blue hair is captivating.
bkk1558 - 29 days ago
Scarjo? Really? and it's "Schlub" with a b
s00p sp00n - 29 days ago
Zach , How CAN I get your JOB ????? Way2GO !!
tagsu3 - 29 days ago
three very sexy ladies
wyldeone - 29 days ago
Woah, can't wait for Part 2
cxiii - 29 days ago
An Asian, an Italian, and a Hispanic walk into a bar..... ;) love this set
mden15 - 29 days ago
Three gorgeous angels !
dovamoes - 29 days ago
Big expectations after an opening tease in the Big Apple! Can't wait !
Dutch66 - 29 days ago