Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus
added on Aug 22, 2018
Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus - 1
You might think I am redundant as an artist. I think I am redundant as an artist. I am more of an addict than an artist. I am addicted to the drugs these women fill my brain with. I am addicted to these experiences. I am not complaining. I will photograph one thousand Wanda Ablees, and the next day, I will awake renewed, searching for the next. Don't worry, Mom. Your baby boy is having a great time.
Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus - 2
Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus - 3
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Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus - 4
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She's a total smokeshow
Minjanohawk - 9 days ago
As they say, @PaC: Different strokes for different folks! Who am I to convince you something is beautiful? Who are you to convince me something is ugly? Oh, I adore this set.
Fiersze - 5 months ago
Quite the outfits!
Rodd - 9 months ago
Nice elvish tat.
2juta4 - 9 months ago
sweet baby jesus indeed!
Kiwidude - 9 months ago
I just adore tight asses like yours. Slide 53 is a gorgeous view. Wish I could see that one with the knickers removed.........
LICKMYTASTY - 9 months ago
Honey,your ASS is DESSERT in my eyes
ASSmanJim - 9 months ago
She can make my Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs!
jdog - 9 months ago
LOVE the boots!! Based on her earlier set.. I bet she would have shot the series on the sofa wearing nothing but the boots..... unless she did and there are outtakes?? ;) ....
Wildbrit - 9 months ago
redheads are always instant winners on the hotness scale for me...goddamn we need more of those in the world.
Diablo7 - 9 months ago
If I ever get married my wife better be hot. Otherwise I’m not getting married. Don’t fuck with me
LeatherSoSoft - 9 months ago
I have never quite got it why people think that finger nails are a beautiful or in any way elegant. Where in our culture did this come from? When I think of nails I think of clawing vultures or ravens scraping at a window. And really just something that gets in the way. Kind of like makeup, the horror of waking to find clay smeared all over your sheets and someone in your bed who certainly didn't look like the woman you shagged earlier in the night.
PaC - 9 months ago
Love the lingerie she is wearing
bribear2 - 9 months ago
Although Sweet Baby Jesus 1 & 2 are enticing I think SBJ 15 would have been much more in the style of Zishy and appealing than SBJ 25.
Dutch66 - 9 months ago
I advise revisit previous set
Talon - 9 months ago
Very nice gallery. Feet and gusset close ups are a great bonus to the awesome selection. Keep up the great girls.
edgarallanpoe - 9 months ago
More please.
moopieb72 - 9 months ago
Stay addicted, brother. We're right there with you.
damsel - 9 months ago
Zach,you have photographed some super sexy redheads!
bowfinger - 9 months ago
She's back! Can't praise this enough.
derletztelover - 9 months ago