Kai Marley The Last Dorothy added on Aug 17, 2018

Kai Marley The Last Dorothy - 1
Kai Marley is a kind, unassuming woman who eventually hooked me up with her 420 delivery services, back when a medicinal prescription was required in California. I never could drag my ass into one of those joker/doctor's offices. These photos may be the last Zishy created in my shotty apartment in Brentwood. I will miss this bedroom with its elegant afternoon lighting. The place was not very pretty but I learned how to use it. You must use what you get in this life.
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Kai Marley The Last Dorothy - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

Nice......those little titties are a perfect mouth full. Cute and squeezable.
rockhopper29 - 7 months ago
Beautiful girl, excellent lighting and seems like a fun time to shoot. Another excellent set, I hope Ms. Marley returns soon.
DemiLich - 7 months ago
Such a sweet body
asphaltcowboy - 7 months ago
Diablo7 - 7 months ago
Paddy O'Doors - 7 months ago
Perfect face, perfect body, need more!
room199 - 7 months ago
Yes please! <3
Ison13 - 7 months ago
Thanks for showing us those toes close up. She's perfect.
phaedrus - 7 months ago
I think this was one of the better video edits you’ve put out. Very nice!
Humanicus - 7 months ago
moopieb72 - 7 months ago
Best model to date
Tjmel636 - 7 months ago
I'm not a huge fan of the ink, but damn, you made her look great in this set. You really nailed the use of available window light which shows off her fine contours, etc. Have a good weekend.
JoeZ - 7 months ago
Not seeing much of evidence of unassuming-ness here
jayzord - 7 months ago
Very, very nice, more PLEASE
Markus23 - 7 months ago
wow, going to favorites!
cxiii - 7 months ago
Good to see Kai again. Stunning as usual!
johnsiv - 7 months ago
Yea! Way to go Zach, picture 40 is a beginning. See how beautiful she can be? Beautiful lines and curves and absolutely beautiful. Now trying different angles and lighting will be great. Thanks you Master!!
Dusty Roads - 7 months ago
I’m in love
Knuclehead1 - 7 months ago