Sofi Ryan Some People Get It added on Jul 21, 2018

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Some people think that models are stupid. Not true. Some of the more "intellectual" people that I have photographed were the worst in front of the camera. They lock up like Windows ME. Good models have talent. They don't ask you what to do. They just do. If you haven't already noticed, Sofi Ryan is one of the lively ones. Sometimes, I am the match that starts the fire. And sometimes, like with Sofi, the flames are a constant.
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Not one bare ass shot out of 62. Christ almighty.
billzish - 3 months ago
This girl was many onces in marriages!!!
andrey1999 - 3 months ago
clarkk1111 - 3 months ago
I usually like my women with a little more meat on their bones, but jesus, her body is incredible.
recessesofmymind - 4 months ago
perrochileno - 4 months ago
wow, she is the best over all !!!!!!!
kleinerwini - 4 months ago
sexy, smooth
kinkyman - 4 months ago
I think the beginning of this shoot with this fire hot model is great. and then as "mden15 - 3 days ago" said. Move the hands. I would back that request and just say; Remove the hands! But many hot photos.
Dusty Roads - 4 months ago
Oh! Oh! she's HOT! Mmmmm, love those starfish pics.
Wilk - 4 months ago
moopieb72 - 4 months ago
omni - 4 months ago
Gorgeous is an understatement
asphaltcowboy - 4 months ago
To know more you have this link
Talon - 4 months ago
I could watch all day on tongue alone :) :d
PatrynXX - 4 months ago
Stunning absolutely stunning!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 4 months ago
Seriously sexy!
bowfinger - 4 months ago
She is a beauty
Mike1973 - 4 months ago
Fuck me you are beautiful Sofi!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 4 months ago
jayzord - 4 months ago
Omg.... move those hands.... my favorite position and accessories...
mden15 - 4 months ago
lucky panties
teezeme - 4 months ago
mmmm OMG she is 100% gorgeous , tasty , beautiful looking girl. Tight ass and perfection. Plus I think she knows it.
LICKMYTASTY - 4 months ago
super girl, super pics !
dovamoes - 4 months ago
1) Some people think models are stupid. 2) They aren't. 3) Some smart models aren't good models. So ... models (good ones) actually ARE stupid, but that's part of what makes them good? Or are you just saying that it's not all about brains because they can create a spark (which also implies that they actually are stupid, but it's okay because they have talent elsewhere)? Could the same be said about photographers?
johnfive - 4 months ago
ohhhh... plz tell me there is a vid
Forgetaboutit - 4 months ago