Kelsey Berneray Optimist Prime
added on Jul 12, 2018
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Kelsey Berneray is not typical in any way, but who am I to state the obvious? Her warm smile is a reflection of the joyful personality within. She is kind, friendly, and unassuming. She also has breasts that may have left some of her previous lovers concussed. Hey, no one is perfect. Some fun is worth the CTE.
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Bonus HD Video Clip

Donnyg12 : This girl so stunning, I’d love to see more of her! 6 months ago
whynot112 : Can't get enough of Kelsey. Encore!!! 7 months ago
Mossy : She is the reason I joined. 12 months ago
dela : vraiment gros ses seins,très beau nue intégrale. Déjà vu sa vulve en détail,un plaisir a voir. about 1 year ago
bryon17 : It’s your smile! Most perfect part of you about 1 year ago
tomkoma : Are the guys in love with me or just my boobs.. about 2 years ago
tomkoma : Are the guys in love with me or just my boobs.. about 2 years ago
cobb : the best pure sex about 2 years ago
Hornytxn : Heavenly face with a body made for sin over 2 years ago
Goober : This girl is heaven. over 2 years ago
bk933 : love those pillow tits! over 2 years ago
Kailan91 : the only things i dont like that much objectively are her legs and tattoos personally over 2 years ago
rockhopper29 : A fellow could seriously break a tooth working on those beautiful natural titties. She would be great fun. over 2 years ago
Pen72 : Natural beauty personified over 2 years ago
Drkdom : Outstanding over 2 years ago
Tsmith8802$ : Does anyone have her Twitter? over 2 years ago
El Cid : Although the Tats and studs distract from her delicious body, I could live with it! over 2 years ago
wanacito2000 : Just amazing! over 2 years ago
ASSmanJim : PERFECT DELICIOUS ASS on your knees over 2 years ago
asphaltcowboy : I love how playful she is over 2 years ago
joeblow9 : She's truly amazingly beautiful! I bet she's fun to hang out with! over 2 years ago
Bobby Peru : Kelsey is my all time favorite Zishy girl. She’s perfect. over 2 years ago
chop17 : another great set of Kelsey cheers over 2 years ago
Johnny Tees : Sexy ass and boob over 2 years ago
moopieb72 : Cute over 2 years ago
phaedrus : Wow, she is unbelievable. So pretty. over 2 years ago
liveshred5 : God that video too... over 2 years ago
Ison13 : That video is hypnotic! So much jiggling haha, love it! :P over 2 years ago
mden15 : Oil... over 2 years ago
Jackie : I wonder if she is pregnant? Her areola are much darker than before. If she is I cant wait to see her body beautifully transform. over 2 years ago
happyboy : pretty and curvy. over 2 years ago
SebastianJ : Absolute perfection! over 2 years ago
Spitfire : Your boobs are fucking amazing Kelsey!....You are fucking amazing!! ❤️❤️ over 2 years ago
Godzilla : ,I wish I were a hair brush...gorgeous and sexy over 2 years ago
lonic123 : Great set, love the mirror shots, thank you. over 2 years ago
Blkstln : YES YES and YES AGAIN!!!! over 2 years ago
Talon : All good but... ¿where is Carolina Munoz over 2 years ago
joeblow9 : One of the most amazingly beautiful woman I have ever seen! over 2 years ago
ShwiftyPeet : She needs to be a regular on this site. over 2 years ago
earlyfall : Just so much YAAAAAAAAAAAAS! over 2 years ago
smith2 : thank you thank you very much i love Kelsey over 2 years ago
Vanilla : My God... over 2 years ago
liveshred5 : Holy shit, I have waited months for more of her, she doesn't cam anymore and is inactive on Twitter and I've needed a fix. Thank you. Thank you. over 2 years ago
johnsiv : Classy photo shoot. And, my oh my, those things are ginormous! over 2 years ago
non3 : Very classy indeed. over 2 years ago
Henry70 : wow over 2 years ago