Riley And Winter The Love Drug 1 added on Jun 28, 2018

Riley And Winter The Love Drug 1 - 1
Riley and Winter are friends. I'm not going to lie and tell you that they are lovers. What I can say is that their intimacy is sublime. It is like that moment in Moby Dick, when Ishmael and Queequeg have to share a bed together. Two strangers, of the same gender, forced into tight quarters for the night. It is not always about sex. Sex is fantastic, do not get me wrong. But sometimes my jaded mind finds more beauty in people simply getting along with each other. When I see someone suppress their inherent fear and distrust for a fellow human, I gets me a mean mental stiffy. Stay woke.
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Greetings fellow lovers of the female human's body. Zach, I just reread my comment of 3 weeks ago. Sorry about the misspelled words, first of all and now to the More Important aspect of this comment. I wanted to make sure here about what I said at the end of the comment above. I was using Paris H. and Emma W. as examples of the type of photos I and perhaps many of us would like to see. So, not photos of Paris or Emma, unless of course you could get Emma live as one of your models. That we could stand looking at.but photos of your models flashing as the exited from a car or other situations like that. Like the photos you take of the girls when you and she are getting a bite to eat. Frequently you take pics of them from under the table, looking up her skirt. That kind of upstart shot is what I'm talking about. Forgive this message if you understood my earlier request above. Just wasn't sure that I was clear in my request. thank you my brother!
Dusty Roads - 4 months ago
Need more...
moopieb72 - 5 months ago
love it!
rabbit77 - 5 months ago
The best 3 photos for me in this set are 8, 21, 26 great work Zach!
paul1776 - 5 months ago
Fantastic boob shots at the end of this set....but we need more much more!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 5 months ago
Photos 52, 54 & 55 are beautiful. You used to talk about not wanting to show pictures of pussy because you wanted to stay away from hard core porn. Good. We wanted you to do that too. But the human form is beautiful. Pussy is beautifull. Granted some more so than other. Tits are beautiful and again some more than other but in both cases it is totally subjective. Some like tiny and some like big and that's fine but the point I am trying to make as an "average" client of your skin rag is that when you take the close up of your models mouths tonguing water at the fountains your photos are often perfect. In this shoot the photos of the tit's and pussy are of equal quality and you should get more comfortable at showing close up of women luscious and beautiful sexual assets. Believe me, you have photos that you shot when you were up between the models legs that you have not share with us. I would bet you one hundred dollars if you went back to your older shoots and showed us pussy shots without being covered by water bottles and stuffed toys et al, most of your clients would all say this is great! So, the photos I mentioned today are lovely. More like 55 and closer shots of a woman lower lips would be lovely. We lonely men can see the real thing when it comes to seeing beautiful women eyes and mouths and even nice butts but what we don't see are the parts I have mentioned herein. Love ya man, just trying to help out. Take pictures of girls flashing as they get out of cars. You know kind like Paris Hilton getting out of here Bentley. One of Emma Watson's most popular photo is the one of her in a car with see through panties. Umm! You can always try it. If it doesn't work, let it go. Be well!
Dusty Roads - 5 months ago
Two words...fuck yeah!
Ison13 - 5 months ago
Well they could have been kissing cousins at least!
bowfinger - 5 months ago
I love you Riley !
greasypig - 5 months ago
Please don't make us wait for part 2.
benovan - 5 months ago
Very nice. I love the subtle intimacy throughout the set. Bonus points for all the feet shots. Can't wait for the second part.
edgarallanpoe - 5 months ago
Starting to see double! Nice Barbie-Dolls. Great set....
gojo885 - 5 months ago
Oh fuck yes!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 5 months ago
Two beauties for the price of one
asphaltcowboy - 5 months ago
Oh yay! I love these guys. How about pt2 right now? :-D
damsel - 5 months ago
Just Woaooooow THX
The Brain - 5 months ago
Nice theme, could have been done better.
PaC - 5 months ago
I like
tucker709 - 5 months ago