Ellen Kennedy Authorized Techniques Only added on May 19, 2018

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I would like to think that the years of struggle as an artist has made me worthy of photographing women like Ellen Kennedy. Firstly, I did not shoot her, not yet. Josue from Houston was the contributor on this one. A lot of people hit me up for advice on how to get started as a photographer. If you are relying on my advice, you are already pointed in the wrong direction. I only know how I did it. Just the same, here's my input: pick up a camera, a paintbrush, a computer, or that musical instrument and start playing. Playing... this is all play. You can't fail at play. Don't fear failure. Fear success at shit that doesn't really make you happy. Stay woke.
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Bonus Video Clip

She kinda looks like Candice Swanepoel. Also she has the most beautiful feet I've seen on this site.
Philman246 - about 1 month ago
Dickman22 - 4 months ago
Dickman22 - 5 months ago
Dickman22 - 5 months ago
nice :)
eric11mac - 11 months ago
perfect body
rabbit77 - 11 months ago
Fucking perfection...wow
Comrade1939 - 11 months ago
great set. great pics. great model.
billzish - 11 months ago
Ellen did some amazing modeling..what a photo shoot....What a girl
JackW - 11 months ago
Her eyes are so intense. I love it.
recessesofmymind - 11 months ago
The video for this set is a bit shit!! ;-(
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Sexy as fuck! Very artistic shots capturing incredible light, damn! Awesome
Kiwidude - 11 months ago
Some fantastic pics. Great location!
mSheppard - 11 months ago
Whoa! WOW!
Tantrum - 11 months ago
rmontague - 11 months ago
moopieb72 - 11 months ago
Superb set, lovely girl. Wow beautiful
hubbahubba - 11 months ago
Stunning girl. Page 3 collection of naked photos are so beautiful her shaved pussy looks so tight. Would love to see her in hardcore.
LICKMYTASTY - 11 months ago
Stunning! Wow!
Ison13 - 11 months ago
Spitfire - 11 months ago
Breathtaking beauty!
karl55 - 11 months ago
She has the body and charisma that could land her on either Hegre.com or ALSscan depending on which way she chose. (or AlS Angels depending on the size of the chest they stick her on. I don't think she's big. She's more just the right size :O) She's falling right into the fave on those stretches
PatrynXX - 11 months ago
Swann - 11 months ago
Fantastic ! Please come back soon :-)
Alain - 11 months ago
Josue and Ellen, 20 and 58 slayed me:) Thanks!
Ragnar2014 - 11 months ago
Holy Shit indeed, brutha. :-O
damsel - 11 months ago
holy shit
jhood - 11 months ago
Great video, shows a cool snapshot of her personality
bkk1558 - 11 months ago
wooo yes this is a gorgeous one
Diablo7 - 11 months ago
There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this young woman. Except maybe her disappearance...
DarthSync - 11 months ago
What a perfect example of a woman.
room199 - 11 months ago
Oh hell yeah Ellen is absolutely gorgeous!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 11 months ago
beautiful, more of her please, especially love the natural light shots without the fill...
IllIIl - 11 months ago
Hello Ellen Kennedy! Great set from Josue--I love everything about this photo shoot.
princefan79 - 11 months ago
Bust a move!
bowfinger - 11 months ago
She has a great ass, is absolutely sexy as fuck, and is excellent fapping material
ftgrl980 - 11 months ago
I'm speechless...
waydownsouth - 11 months ago