Vicky Roma in Baby Sips added on Mar 27, 2018

Vicky Roma in Baby Sips - 1
Let's revisit another couple of friends. You remember Vicky Roma and Gia Strachen, right? Vicky is another unique beauty for whom I received multiple return requests. Luckily, my hard drives are filled with near-endless treasures. This is Vicky helping her friend to get into a bodysuit and then dazzling us in one of her own. The smooth skin, the braces, the visual excitement--the age of eighteen doesn't get more real than with Vicky Roma.
Vicky Roma in Baby Sips - 2
Vicky Roma in Baby Sips - 3
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Hi Zach, Will we ever get to see these two lovely gals grace your sight again ?? Oooh La La!
paul1776 - 2 months ago
we need more tits and ass shots of vicky.
wolf - 3 months ago
when will we see a LOT more of her?
labrat - 3 months ago
nice :)
eric11mac - 3 months ago
My lord I love these two.
Grant - 5 months ago
More please.
zounds - 5 months ago
Sexy nipple and wet!
Johnny Tees - 6 months ago
OLDMAN53 - 6 months ago
I love it. Two of my favorite ladies. Some epic cameltoe, some classic M-word. Having already seen their various parts, I'm cool with this set not being particularly explicit. If you have anything else from these Buckeye beauties, Zach, please don't wait to share them.
benovan - 6 months ago
moopieb72 - 6 months ago
It’s nice to see Gia Strachen in this set as well....fabulous!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 6 months ago
These two are amazing. We're lucky they modeled.
bkk1558 - 6 months ago
I love the "visual excitement". Very much
teezeme - 6 months ago
A body to be adored
asphaltcowboy - 6 months ago
maestro9 - 6 months ago
omni - 6 months ago
non3 - 6 months ago
As with the first set, these two are fabulous.
room199 - 6 months ago
She's so hot...nice work
JoeZ - 6 months ago