Kelly Lamprin Dark Side Of Texas added on Mar 06, 2018

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Kelly Lamprin challenges my views on ink. I prefer unaltered skin, but it is hard for me to deny that she is a walking piece of art. I do not want to ignore her tattoos, as I do with others. I want to explore them further and allow myself to be fascinated. Kelly is not a carefree woman. She is generally pretty serious and quiet. I am fortunate to draw out some bright smiles from this rare beauty.
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Many tatoo....
andrey1999 - 2 months ago
Long legs, long dark hair and a beautiful smile!
Tantrum - 6 months ago
Nice Girl with a wonderful face. I would like kiss she :-)
Schmunzelbacke - 7 months ago
rabbit77 - 8 months ago
Man, these were some great tease shots. @Johnny Tees - You're nuts. 33-35 were my favorite shots of the set.
recessesofmymind - 8 months ago
Need more...
moopieb72 - 8 months ago
Crazy to see her with and without ink. I didn't even recognize her at first
mstrum - 8 months ago
Need to get Kelly back indoors and give us the 'private viewing' of her tremendous art gallery ;) .... a fella can hope right? lol
Wildbrit - 8 months ago
Beautiful, but what a shame. Nuf said!
Wilk - 8 months ago
Different, but that's a good thing and she certainly is beautiful.
bluestreak - 8 months ago
skaithius10 - 8 months ago
Bummer... I usually dig pale chicks
Hornytxn - 8 months ago
The ass tattoo is a slight turn off.
Johnny Tees - 8 months ago
i agree pac !!!
appleman - 8 months ago
Such a foolish move to fuck up ones own ears trying to mimic some other culture from some other country. Sure it's the modern world, with so many unanswered questions.... Here is another one... WHY?
PaC - 8 months ago
Impressive beauty, invites to be carried away for the mystery that emanates.Something totally different from our longed Cristina Munoz, that we will soon have again in these pages
Talon - 8 months ago
Always such a spectacularly beautiful body, she really inspires me how well she stays in shape and stays so gorgeous.
damsel - 8 months ago
Nice set! But Kelly definitely needs so more carbs in her life lol
Anonno - 8 months ago
This once was a beautiful most desirable girl.
plover65 - 8 months ago
He shoots...he scores! Another great set, Zach. I like the subtle, double meanings in #9 & 10.
JoeZ - 8 months ago