Keira Romero Has Dress Trouble added on Feb 12, 2018

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For a very small amount of money you can help employ lovely women that are trying to find their way in a turbulent economy. Take Keira Romero for example. This beautiful person can barely afford a dress that covers her pert backside. And you know it has been a terrible cold season too, right? Together we can keep these ladies warm, healthy, and full of smiles. Support Zishy, you filthy animals!
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Bonus Video Clip

Lovely juicy thighs and legs which tie in nicely with her rounded butt. Very desirable young woman.
rockhopper29 - 3 months ago
like the hair, outfit and especially her legs! great shoot!
Kailan91 - 6 months ago
filthandfun - 9 months ago
So juicy!
non3 - 9 months ago
I could watch the first 5 seconds of the bonus video over and over...and over.
Monkey68 - about 1 year ago
Pert and perky indeed
asphaltcowboy - about 1 year ago
Thank you, Keira and Zach! May I have another?
princefan79 - about 1 year ago
What a beautiful Lady.
Desertderf - about 1 year ago
oh yeah this one is outstanding.
Diablo7 - about 1 year ago
So beautyful, I love this butt. ..whish she would come back with open hair.
eleminti - about 1 year ago
moopieb72 - about 1 year ago
Too much tease
Johnny Tees - about 1 year ago
I love the way that dress stretches across that glorious butt.
Dave - about 1 year ago
Ooh nice very nice let’s have you back very soon Keira but totally naked let’s see what you have have a stunning body!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - about 1 year ago
Those thighs are singing AC/DC ;) :O
PatrynXX - about 1 year ago
wow. nice one Zach! Good job. #54 and #55 where she's leaning on the pool railing... Nice understated shots make the reveal that much better. Keira: perfect.
JoeZ - about 1 year ago
Keira you have a nice ass and equally nice tits. Please come back soon
ftgrl980 - about 1 year ago
waydownsouth - about 1 year ago
Please submit again soon. She is a knockout!
foxfire475 - about 1 year ago
Nice ass. Good set.
johnsiv - about 1 year ago
cute butt, sweet smile, and as Dr. Frankenstein said "What Knockers!"
scotterbug - about 1 year ago