Laina Shendoah Licks The Spoon 2 added on Jan 22, 2018

Laina Shendoah Licks The Spoon 2 - 1
I don't know if we will ever see Laina Shendoah again, so savor these flavors. She is something special. Curious, adventurous, serious, but not stuck up. I hope her bright eyes continue to shine even when they are not looking into my lens. Behold the roller coaster that is Laina Shendoah, in all her female glory.
Laina Shendoah Licks The Spoon 2 - 2
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Bonus Video Clip

More often than not, when the eyes are outstanding, the rest follows...and Laina's are downright mesmerizing! Beautiful lady, great in every aspect. Always a sucker for a good bath scene, too--there's just something about that watery shine on a woman's skin that you can't look away from.
Rushmore24 - 3 months ago
Yesss more Laina please please please!
thatknobb - 5 months ago
Everyone seems to agree when it's great! This one is really Great! I said that Laina is really great in one of her other shoots but. Man you want to keep her around. I know that you said that you couldn't "love" her but do whatever it takes to keep her happy. In one of your blurbs you said that she had disappeared Did she come back? I hope that is what happened (May then Nov) Fabulous series, the white lingerie and the shower. Two of the best. The boys like to see the parts (not the inner workings). The way you do your shoots have changed since 2012 to 2018. Better now and we like it. Thanks for you work and the Zishy site!! She is really Great! Great Body, Great Attitude, Great Moves . . . !
Dusty Roads - 5 months ago
Let's hope for one more Laina shoot. If not, Zach caught her at her best in Denver and this series. Thanks Laina and Zach!
jethro42 - 6 months ago
this beautiful woman is a 10!
pierre - 9 months ago
best gallery and video so far!
theguy1000 - 9 months ago
best gallery and video so far!
theguy1000 - 9 months ago
great set and video...and one of BOBBYs best on the audio, outstanding work
chop17 - 9 months ago
amazing. such pretty eyes and sexy body
rabbit77 - 9 months ago
My very minor complaint: her fingernails
Monkey68 - 9 months ago
Normally I don't care for bath/shower sets, but this one is amazing!!
SebastianJ - 9 months ago
moopieb72 - 9 months ago
Incredible set of a gorgeous girl! Probably the second most stunning on the site!
Art0fLife - 9 months ago
Great work Zak...what a top girl....just perfect....thanks Laina
JackW - 9 months ago
What a specimen !!!! Woah!
Blkstln - 9 months ago
This girl is too pretty for porn.
ItWasn'tMe - 9 months ago
One of the all-time great displays of female beauty, especially in the video. A true goddess, and if this is the last time she bares her naked body to the world (to each their own, if she's done with this, she's done with this) she went out with a bang. (And I'm quite familiar with the videos where she gets banged)
benovan - 9 months ago
i would like to smell her asshole
appleman - 9 months ago
Zishy noun \'zi-shē\ : photos that leave something to the imagination. This gallery gave no chances to the imagination...
Ander - 9 months ago
What a phenomenal collection!
johnsiv - 9 months ago
Thank you. You made my day...
jdog - 9 months ago
That video! Damn shes sexy!
Kiwidude - 9 months ago
ftgrl980 - 9 months ago
Nice!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 9 months ago
Laina was becoming one of my fav's, but all good things come to an end I guess. A stunning beauty for sure.
Ison13 - 9 months ago
Her body is a wonderland
asphaltcowboy - 9 months ago
All right! Who's beauty? She is!!! There's no need any detailed description: Laina so perfect. Wonderful set of pics + dazzling, more than four minutes long (!) video, which is the best on Zishy! 03:06 it's my killing time! ;)
Amorph73 - 9 months ago
Extremely captivating eyes, incredible body.
maestro9 - 9 months ago
WOW... :)
lonic123 - 9 months ago
Beautiful models and pictures and beautiful video soft congratulations
The Brain - 9 months ago
One of favorite sets. I will miss her terribly!
Substance - 9 months ago