Trista Jakes as Secret Santa
added on Dec 25, 2017
Trista Jakes as Secret Santa - 1
Merry Christmas and all that good nonsense. Trista Jakes was a great accomplice in this risk-taking visit to a Baptist church. And this is a perfect example of what happens when you don't plan things out. We saw a beautiful building to use as a backdrop, started taking pictures around it, then soon realized the doors were unlocked and no one was there to stop us. A Christmas miracle? Maybe. If you are a believer, then you must assume it was part of God's plan. #blessed
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dipo : amazing sweet boobies ! over 1 year ago
Otis : Why have we never seen her again? SO BEAUTIFUL! over 2 years ago
Kailan91 : more of her please :( <3 over 2 years ago
Kailan91 : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so YUMMY! i really like her! and this shoot, setting and outfit - everything great and fits her well! 10/10 would date her over 2 years ago
bjmbear : pics 6 and 7 are amazing about 3 years ago
joeblow9 : her boobs are to die for! about 3 years ago
PaC : Damn, really hope this model returns. over 3 years ago
Spitfire : Sexy nice boobs!! (.)(.) ❤️❤️ over 3 years ago
princefan79 : Lord bless the chapel and the vestibule! I'm sure there are a few of those church members who would appreciate the visions created in this photo-shoot. Anyway, I do. Welcome to the very lovely model Trista, and hoping to see more such-featured galleries! over 3 years ago
izy : Beautiful and Sexy! over 3 years ago
moopieb72 : Nice. over 3 years ago
Paddy O'Doors : Very cute girl, hope to see loads more of Trista soon. Happy New Year to all. over 3 years ago
Johnny Tees : Sex over 3 years ago
scotterbug : Wonderful X-mas pics, sweet sassy girl in a Baptist Church. And soft warm Sweater puppies! ;) over 3 years ago
damsel : Right out of the park, Zach & Trista! Merry Christmas! over 3 years ago
bowfinger : I think God likes naked people, he just does not want you to get too smart. over 3 years ago
room199 : Beautiful lady, great body, super curves, in a hot shoot! More Trista please! over 3 years ago
asphaltcowboy : The Lord truly answered my prayers with this girl over 3 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Dear God in heaven. Trista, you are GORGEOUS!!!! I hope you return a million times. over 3 years ago
happyboy : Holy Smokes!!!! She's is hot! And the photo shoot is in a church to boot! naughty naughty. So sexy! Great set! over 3 years ago
JustGlancing : ok pic #49..telepathically with sincerity she said merry christmas over 3 years ago
Ison13 : Very nice boobs. (.)(.) Have a great Christmas everyone! :) over 3 years ago