Wanda Ablee Deep in the Heart added on Nov 25, 2017

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Before you ask, the only things fake on Wanda Ablee are her hair color and her nails. I met her in the suburbs outside of Dallas. Like most people in this wonderful state, she has an easygoing personality, albeit she is less conservative than your average Texan. Get naked on the side of the George Bush Turnpike? Sounds fun, just keep an eye out for my brother's red pickup truck.
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moopieb72 - over 1 year ago
Wow she's something special!!
Kiwidude - over 1 year ago
rabbit77 - over 1 year ago
Thanks woodrex
Zach Venice - over 1 year ago
Wanda or Wendy? Zach, I think you have a typo somewhere ...
redwoodrex - over 1 year ago
Lovely girl,she has a beautiful figure & hopefully can progress to some stunning shots !
JackW - over 1 year ago
Gorgeous find. Love her legs. If she'll do this outdoors, fingers crossed on seeing her in a more intimate setting.
benovan - over 1 year ago
Sexy,curvy, and freckly. A devestating combo.
bowfinger - over 1 year ago
HenryJ - over 1 year ago
A sexy wood imp but with fiery red hair....fabulous!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - over 1 year ago
She is amazingly attractive
asphaltcowboy - over 1 year ago
A fairy in the woods. Pretty and funny. I like it!
Amorph73 - over 1 year ago