Leah Gotti Before Hell
added on Nov 23, 2017
Leah Gotti Before Hell - 1
Don't worry. Leah Gotti isn't going to hell. Not alone, at least. There are plenty of us so-called sinners roaming the streets of your quaint town. We are the money-hungry, the sex-addicted, the drug-using, the materialistic, the superficial, the corner-cutting, the gluttonous, the envious, the self-centered, the Earth-defiling primates who never know when to stop, until it is too late. But we have each other and that is always something to be thankful for. So, thank you. Thanks for appreciating my work enough to kick a few clams my way. I hope you either find yourself in a good place or continue to strive for one. It is out there. It is possible.
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I wish this site didn't have a comments section at all.
CaptainB-Fart - 11 months ago
this face is the sooooooooooooooo fucking cute and special! so sad a girl with this face does cheap porn. now i cannot trust any girl anymore if she is a bitch, when a girl with THIS face does porn...
Kailan91 - 12 months ago
Just beautiful! Need some raw spreads of her :-)
slaughta - about 1 year ago
moopieb72 - over 1 year ago
She's still one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
filthandfun - almost 2 years ago
OMG I would love to try dying
pierre - almost 2 years ago
Wow! Beautiful and oh so sexy! You are stunning Leah!
davymidnight - almost 2 years ago
OMG, #65, that photo is really bold for you Zach, good one.
waydownsouth - almost 2 years ago
Ooh, I love the boudoir shots! She's putting her hands where I want to put my face! Guide me in....
princefan79 - almost 2 years ago
Hmmmm... sticky finger.
jdog - almost 2 years ago
What a set Zach! Awesome beauty true work of art!
swaghouse - almost 2 years ago
HOLY FUCK - that set is hot as hell, that body, those curves, the stretching. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
lonic123 - almost 2 years ago
Dude, Zach you're a really good writer. Also,the lighting on #62-65 is PERFECT.
mstrum - almost 2 years ago
Praise be to Gotti!
jayzord - almost 2 years ago
What a beautiful girl you are!
izy - almost 2 years ago
Her body is definitely on fire
asphaltcowboy - almost 2 years ago
Awesome set, awesome model in Leah, result is a most awesome set. Outstanding work Zachary
hubbahubba - almost 2 years ago
Fantastic, beautiful woman.
Moose - almost 2 years ago
In the olden days of Rome during the Earth exposed breasts weren't a sin. Neither in later years and current times in Europe. but the hard core Baptist, Pentecostals and other tight minded confused churches get all up in arms over boobies! But man boobs are allowed everywhere!
scotterbug - almost 2 years ago
Fuck me you are gorgeous as hell Leah!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - almost 2 years ago
OMG she is so fuckin' HOT!
henry88 - almost 2 years ago
Holy shit.. Nice
Killbill - almost 2 years ago
Hmm, I wonder how her middle finger got wet. Mysteries.
benovan - almost 2 years ago
Fuck yeah! Stunning Leah back again...and that ASS! Great work Zach.
Ison13 - almost 2 years ago
Anything with Leah in it gets A+ :O tease or otherwise. Alot of fun on her chats during shooting videos on ALS Scan. Was in a Baptist College and got ratted and kicked out. Some colleges do that it is their right but not all. A little over 20 years ago I popped this question privately with an on college Reverend. Namely the topless lady in Braveheart and is that a sin or not. The answer surprised me. It's not a grave sin much less a sin to view breasts in such context. Now anything else that wasn't the question but that bit is something to ponder on. Namely unless she was married it's not sin. Oh but I do get in trouble with a few models who are (oops) But in the name of #art I'm don't consider it a grave sin. So sinners or not depends on how radical the Church/School you are going to. Besides in the name of art someone during an art show had it down the next savior would be a girl and had a nude baby girl on the front. Well okay I did see my cousin that way when I was 9 no shock on what they look like as a baby :P However at a Lutheran College, the college rights come first so naturally they kicked the art show off it's grounds Which raised Free speech and I had to defend the Colleges Free speech. Still would to this day. But all this at the moment was brought up because Zach's use of sinners. Depends on how radical a religion you are from. (or not) ELCA being the most liberal, I don't think the one I went to was ELCA.. It was just General Lutheran. Usually aligned with WELS but I'm LCMS. And I prefer a site like this rather than Naughty America. Because TEASE is an art form to me. And Zach's rather good at it.
PatrynXX - almost 2 years ago
Always great to see Leah. Wonderfully shaped body, and she has stunning eyes. Thanks for the kneeling/bent over shots. Soles and bum are great.
edgarallanpoe - almost 2 years ago