Lola Arburg Little Trumpets added on Nov 05, 2017

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Some of you are right. I probably shouldn't talk politics or anything else outside the realm of photography and beautiful women in my notes. But then again, I do not aspire to be a great businessman. I created this site to fill a personal void in adult entertainment. I may go off-topic, but at least I am saying something. At least I am TRYING not to phone it home all the time like the other a-holes. Even the best porn I have watched has left me feeling indifferent, and often disgusted, after its brief flashes of excitement. So as long as there is enough of you out there appreciating my misguided efforts, I will keep recharging my batteries and uncovering the next Lola Arburg. Like a mattress peddler in my hometown used to say, "Thank you very much y muchas gracias."
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Bonus Video Clip

Love to see more of her too!
antithesis - 2 months ago
Very sexy :)
randomname - 7 months ago
moopieb72 - 10 months ago
Positively Spect-ASS-ular! BUTT I digress. Must be these DOGGIE days of autumn. Best not get BEHIND in my work.
davymidnight - 11 months ago
she's lovely.....& this shoot could have been even better....she needs to completely relax....was that the boyfriend in the room? hhmmm
JackW - 12 months ago
Zish! Love your commentary, gives the site some texture. In my opinion, debating in a respectful and intelligent manner, is always great food for the brain. Opinions Matter!
Wilk - 12 months ago
Re your comment – please keep up the good work. This is a great way for us to appreciate beautiful women – not demeaning in any way towards them, just enjoying and appreciating naturally!
Tinguy - 12 months ago
OMG! Lola is back! I'm go crazy for her! She's hot, beautiful, and oh so cute! Her debut gallery was great, but this second, even fantastic! 10 stars from five! Thanks Zach! Thank you so much Miss Arburg!
Amorph73 - 12 months ago
She is sexiness personified
asphaltcowboy - 12 months ago
Cute, perky titties. I'd love to see her slip those panties off.
benovan - 12 months ago
I do enjoy your commentary. It's a unique feature on this site. Every now and then it seems a little heavy-handed, but whatever. You do good work. Keep it up.
johnfive - 12 months ago
She´s Very nice, man. I´d like to touch her.
cxiii - 12 months ago
Long as you keep finding these beauties, I'll keep subscribing.
randyt - 12 months ago
Those bed shots...the video...those bouncing boobs! Two words - Fuck yeah!
Ison13 - 12 months ago
Fast like a Lola racing car....awesome!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 12 months ago
what is the song in the video?
Ragnar2014 - 12 months ago
Perfect vid! Never understood why people get all butt hurt hearing someone state an opinion they disagree with. Relax it's all good, especially if we are with Lola. :)
Ragnar2014 - 12 months ago
Ignore the whiners man you got this
jayzord - 12 months ago
perfect perky tits
wolf - 12 months ago
Great to have Lola back in a super set! Gorgeous lady, perfect dimensions.
room199 - 12 months ago
Beautiful young lady. Happy to see her back on here again. Great looking butt. The rest of her looks nice to.
biged72 - 12 months ago
Vargas60 - 12 months ago