Dajah Wallace Joins a Cult added on Oct 19, 2017

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Just watched Noah Baumbach's latest, The Meyerowitz Stories. He maintains his established style with this film. Quick-paced, East Coast dialog, exploring human relationships with semi-elitist humor. Oh and there's conveniently an attractive young woman who eventually gets nekkid. Hipsters, old men, and lesbians alike will appreciate those scenes (sorta like this site). It also pleases me that they decided to simultaneously release Meyerowitz Stories in theaters and on Netflix. Perhaps the industry dinosaurs are finally succumbing to the old adage. "if you can't beat them, join them." Dajah Wallace brings to mind the words of Morrison, "The future's uncertain and the end is always near." Think about that. Goodnight.
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Combine this Cult set with the Soul Searching set using a bed with more sunlight.
longtemp - 3 months ago
Gorgeous. More, please!
waydownsouth - 11 months ago
Just love Afro-American models. Please bring more! They are so hot!
Delta5 - 12 months ago
loved Squid and the Whale
axiom49 - 12 months ago
I'm hoping that this isn't the end of Dajah's features on Zishy! She is a wonderful, sexy model!
princefan79 - 12 months ago
btlsp2000 - 12 months ago
That Azz is absolutely Heavenly!!
mrdinfla - 12 months ago
Beautiful , a dime piece, eye candy , thank you baby for making my day !!!!!!!!!!
warlord2017 - 12 months ago
Beautiful. Love seeing all types of beauty, that's what makes Zishy worth coming back to.
marceire - 12 months ago
Robbie, I don't think it's related to racists as much as the woman just genuinely isn't attractive to some. At least not after some of the more recent offerings. What the hell kind of world is this where we're only allowed to not be attracted to people if we're the same race? THAT is bigotry. Can't stand racists that jump immediately to skin color as the reason for something and try to project that racist, prejudice view onto others who just hold a genuine view and didn't see color to begin with.
Art0fLife - 12 months ago
rabbit77 - 12 months ago
Goddamn, the booty on this woman.
benovan - 12 months ago
I want to be the hands grabbing the fine ass...omg! she is so pretty
happyboy - 12 months ago
Why do you prattle on so much? We want to know about the model. She is a lovely, sexy woman. Why is she rated so low? Do you have a lot of racists following your site?
robbie - 12 months ago
She has gorgeous curves
asphaltcowboy - 12 months ago
I find you're racism disturbing Pitchin4.
Ison13 - 12 months ago
I got an idea for your next video update, you should put Simone Miles, Bell Richardson, Asia Amour, and Dajah Wallace all together taking a knee with one fist in the air as the National Anthem playing in the background.
pitchin4 - 12 months ago
WTF !!!!!!! not this sh%t again. horrible update
pitchin4 - 12 months ago
Shes really hot.
Seenow - 12 months ago
Previous sets were high tease with that ass now no words :O
PatrynXX - 12 months ago
Wow! Dajah is a HOTTIE!!
Grumpy0308 - 12 months ago
Yeah not bad!!
Spitfire - 12 months ago
wooo goddamn that ass is serious... I want to give that a spanking
Diablo7 - 12 months ago
Lovely looking lady. Great to see her back again. Beautiful smile and a great body. Bring her back again soon, please.
biged72 - 12 months ago
Short but sweet... both the gallery and it appears the model as well.
renoguy78 - 12 months ago