Presley Callen on a Life Cycle II added on Aug 30, 2017

Presley Callen on a Life Cycle II - 1
Presley Callen continues to inspire fitness in the second half of her Zishy debut. Part of the fun with this project is watching women shed their inhibitions right before my eyes. There is freedom in the realization that the rules of propriety are arbitrary and products of cultural hypnosis. Maybe I will finally attend Burning Man one day. Music from Bob Marley and Moby plays in the background of the bonus video.
Presley Callen on a Life Cycle II - 2
Presley Callen on a Life Cycle II - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

It is appreciated by we Zishy fans for her to be so uninhibited and free with her body. Her tall frame and nice face I am sure lands her some paying modeling work.
rockhopper29 - 6 months ago
She’s the cutest fucking thing I have ever seen! She’s perfect!
BobaFett69 - 6 months ago
moopieb72 - about 1 year ago
Wow! That bottom ain't gonna spank itself. I'm available.
luvbrunettes - about 1 year ago
Wow, great body, personality shines through too. Any chance of a part 3? :P
spudfish83 - over 1 year ago
Love the butt
Johnny Tees - over 1 year ago
God bless her all everything
ALLCHEEE808 - over 1 year ago
wow what a cutie, incredible body I dare say she spends a bit of time there
Kiwidude - over 1 year ago
Presley is tall and sexy and cute! Thank you!
princefan79 - over 1 year ago
Now that's what I'm talking about!....Absolutely beautiful!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - over 1 year ago
Love the video, so much jiggling...and slo-mo. Nice.
Ison13 - over 1 year ago
maestro9 - over 1 year ago
wow. she is amazing.
JoeZ - over 1 year ago
Love her. Can't wait to see more.
voyeur13 - over 1 year ago
This girl is incredible.
johnsiv - over 1 year ago
Aww yum... We wanted more, we got more. Thanks Presley! What a dream...
damsel - over 1 year ago
Another beautiful filly in the stable, thank you.
lonic123 - over 1 year ago
Well done Ms. Callen.......all the way around. Great debut(s). Grace us with your charm,beauty and all the other gifts you may possess.
biged72 - over 1 year ago
Screw Burning Man. You don't need to pay 500 dollars for the privilege of losing your inhibitions and expanding your horizons. That said, this one is amazing, as most of your choices are. Glad you went down this path, and grateful to all of the women who've joined in your journey.
renoguy78 - over 1 year ago
Amazing. Presley is so fine and sexy with a nice body, beautiful tits, and cute ass. I hope to see more of Presley's sexiness soon
ftgrl980 - over 1 year ago