Irene Quinn Untouchably Yours
added on Aug 06, 2017
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Irene Quinn returns in her final Zishy update. Hey, no one wants to see Game of Thrones in its 20th season, right? All good things, should end. Unless you don't want them to stay good. Like Star Wars, does anyone really care what happens to those characters? Disney fucked up. They looked backwards instead of forwards. Don't even get me started on Spider-Man and the Marvel Shitverse. Make something new. It's harder, it's riskier, but in the end, it's more entertaining. Never stop creating. Evolve. BTW, sometimes, these notes are mostly directed towards myself.
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jerrybob : my favorite model whered you go :( 11 months ago
rockhopper29 : Dusty Roads conveys the sentiments of many who see this photo set. I must add Ms. Quinn, and please if you read this comment, consider it a high compliment. I like Dusty am a connoisseur of find butts and you lady have without an doubt one of the most delectible butts I have seen. You have displayed that wonderfully round and supple butt so well in this set. The closeups are so good (my compliments also to the photographer) that I could almost savior the sensation of squeezing, spanking and possessing your butt. Please no ink on that jewel. about 2 years ago
Dusty Roads : VERY NICE!! I am a bit of a foody. Some would say a connoisseur or some might say a gourmand (many people get this word wrong but I am from France (pronounced Fronce not Fran-ce) and a Gourmand is someone who understands and appreciates great food. He (or she) is not a glutton. I tell you this as I would like to have you for dinner. And on that night I might just become a glutton as I appreciate every nibble, lick and taste right up to the dessert. You choose ma chèr. over 2 years ago
teezeme : yummy almost 3 years ago
Moper98 : If you've ever been in the bush, you know it's wild 'n wooley; but well worth the trip! about 3 years ago
moopieb72 : I'm torn on this to bush or not to bush thing... about 3 years ago
ftgrl980 : Irene thank you for modeling on Zishy. I will always love and admire your sexiness; your incredible ass; and those impeccable ass cheeks about 3 years ago
Ison13 : Thanks Irene, you've easily been one of Zishy's finest. Never say never here's hoping a return will happen at some point. <3 :) over 3 years ago
princefan79 : Well wishes to Irene. Such inspiring images she gave to the world of Zishy! over 3 years ago
voyeur13 : I could look at Irene forever and never get bored. over 3 years ago
DB12 : Lovely photos Zac, very good decision Irene. All the best to you both. over 3 years ago
lonic123 : Irene if defiantly one of the Zishy greats and the "Irene Quinn vs The Sepulveda Pass" set is a top ten all time set for me. Sorry to hear we don't be seeing any more of her. Thanks to Irene and Zack for some amazing sets. over 3 years ago
JackW : stunning .....just can't get enough of her ! over 3 years ago
Johnny Tees : Things heat up after pic 45. over 3 years ago
lovezish : Well i'm sad but it was fun while it lasted. I hope if she decides to do more modeling at some point in the future, she trys out ftvgirls next... over 3 years ago
csk9038 : Wow. Just wow. over 3 years ago
lovezish : This chick needs her own damn webpage, damn y'all don't post enough of her... over 3 years ago
Blkstln : One of the best all around figures (and beautiful face) on this site!! Sad she will not be on here anymore... over 3 years ago
Breathless Oblivion : She's leaving in style. This is one of my favorite Zishy sets ever. over 3 years ago
rabbit77 : very sexy! over 3 years ago
Kiwidude : Wow! Shame to see her go but DAMN she looks great as she walks away over 3 years ago
Kiwidude : Wow! Shame to see her go but DAMN she looks great as she walks away over 3 years ago
Seenow : WOW WOW WOW over 3 years ago
dufreakjo : In future sessions, I'd love to see a 5-6 minute video of her butt walking away, and her curvy front with bush walking towards the camera. Then a good 30-40 seconds of extreme close ups of her face (like pic #43 except closer) smiling, puckering and talking. --BTW her hula hoop vid on other set was awesome over 3 years ago
dufreakjo : I wish I could give this set 10 stars. Everything about her is perfect, and Zishy got all the shots in. Literally everything I love: Beautiful face, dark hair, firm B-cups, bush, round hips, meaty butt, nice legs. Many different butt shots. AMAZING session! over 3 years ago
DemiLich : Great set, kudos the both Irene and the photographer. If we are putting in requests please bring back Carlee Delima and Gloria Paquette. Final thought, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. over 3 years ago
dave35 : One of my favorite Zishy girls. She will be missed. over 3 years ago
rafael : a video would be nice too, but thanks anyways. over 3 years ago
waydownsouth : Spectacular finale. Will be missed. over 3 years ago
Spitfire : Irene you are incredible you have a body of an angel keep em coming!! ❤️❤️ over 3 years ago
Diablo7 : this is one of the hottest girls I've EVER seen on the net... absolutely incredible... over 3 years ago
benovan : Farewell to a legend. Stunning. over 3 years ago
room199 : I'd normally go for the bustier type - for Irene I'll very gladly make an exception. Wow! over 3 years ago
edgarallanpoe : I'll miss Irene. She was among my favorites. She's simply perfection. over 3 years ago
biged72 : Ms. Quinn is............simply the best. More of her again, soon please. over 3 years ago
HenryJ : A natural sexy look, any chance for 'Nickey Huntsman' over 3 years ago
pitchin4 : thank you Zishy for picture #43, more like this from all your future models. thank you. btw bring back Summer Carter :) over 3 years ago