Angela White of Generous Proportions
added on Jul 19, 2017
Angela White of Generous Proportions - 1
Getting back to Angela White. After our visit to the store, we drove down to Santa Monica Beach. In the trunk of my car, I had a small tent and Angela said she was an expert at pitching them. Who knew? The weather was a bit gloomy but Angela's personality managed to lure the sun out of the clouds momentarily. We brought out a measuring tape just to confirm how epic her dimensions are. Then, Angela showed me how a little saliva can go a long way when trying to stick a coin to one's skin. Creative and unafraid to get dirty, two more reasons why she is a star.
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slriggib : Angela is a goddess. Those tits are spectacular and her fun attitude is a testament to the fact that she knows just how awesome her body is. Drop the mic. 9 months ago
teezeme : cute AND a beautiful body almost 3 years ago
PatrynXX : Love tent photosets. both out in public and in the woods (or in the backyard with everyone none the wiser :P) over 3 years ago
Boomsie : Been a fan for many years, glad to see you're still at it and as beautiful as ever! over 3 years ago
radiofredd : 40'' bust with 2'' diameter areolas! I would love to get her all sandy. over 3 years ago
Henchman07 : a privilege to admire....divinexx over 3 years ago
S3r10us : I've always loved Angela White. She's one of my favorite of all time! over 3 years ago
larryirun : My all-time favorite!! over 3 years ago
MORRISS63 : Very nice gerl over 3 years ago
Spitfire : Fuck me!! ❤️❤️ over 3 years ago
btlsp2000 : She pitches my tent! over 3 years ago
happyboy : dear god girl. you are blessed over 3 years ago
Ronin669 : I don't know why she would ever have to pitch a tent. I'm pretty sure she inspires others to "pitch a tent" wherever she goes :-) She certainly does it for me! over 3 years ago
Diablo7 : perfection. over 3 years ago
Swpeters32 : Updates are random and sometimes the models never return. I've been waiting for Musso updates since she last posed in 2015. over 3 years ago
JoeZ : Ha! #64. I've seen you do the camera thing before but this one is really clever. BTW, I must be going to the wrong beaches, I never see girls like Angela around here. She's tops. Good job w/ her. over 3 years ago
Desertderf : Excellent pics and vid of Angela. She is quite beautiful. over 3 years ago
kingfish78 : You and your camera make magic but as much as I love the variety, I am still waiting for Paula Swenson updates! Angela White is tits top 100 but please a little Paula before I have to renew again over 3 years ago