Kris Ekmard Bebe Brentwood Pt2 added on May 17, 2017

Kris Ekmard Bebe Brentwood Pt2 - 1
After prancing around Brentwood in her bright dress, we step indoors with Kris Ekmard. Right away, she reveals all her tattoos. I liked LOTR, but I probably wouldn't get any of its characters tattooed on my body. But then again, I find it really fantastic that Kris is so passionate about certain things that she chooses to permanently commemorate them onto her skin. It makes me think about how strong each of our emotions can be and how brave it is to place ourselves in the vulnerable position of being criticized. And that brings me a couple of important conclusions: 1) Tattoos are not permanent because we are not permanent. 2) Very few people are as badass as Kris.
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I just love this
fizzlebottom - 6 months ago
if i shared her bed i would not sleep HOT
william2002 - 10 months ago
This girl is gorgeous, please do more shoots with her!
vynth - over 1 year ago
Kris, what about a kiss? You are so cute!!!
MikeDO - over 1 year ago
Pics #44 and #61! Freakin' HOT
dufreakjo - over 1 year ago
when you cross ... intimate and underwear its always regular panties are supper sexier than thongs. she is supper cute and hot
Ginolova - almost 2 years ago
kick rocks, bill. u big geek
2267xxx - almost 2 years ago
Right on Cobra. Nice girl. Lame ass set. The video sucks.
billzish - almost 2 years ago
Albums like these are the reason I'm not renewing. Seems like you're always going out of your way to avoid showing pussy. And the video. She sticks her naked ass up in the air and you show us a side view? Seriously? I'm sick of this shit in every single album.
Cobra - almost 2 years ago
I don't care much about tattoos on a beautiful girl. But If she likes it its o.k. with me, since her total appearance is just HOT. Great Butt thats what I like , thank you.
greywolf - almost 2 years ago
Wow, hot dog. Kris is already one of my very favourites on this site. Sooooo cute. More more more.
Al Zaggy - almost 2 years ago
moopieb72 - almost 2 years ago
She's very beautiful, no doubt
2juta4 - almost 2 years ago
81satan81, I was thinking the same thing. Her body, her passions, her choice, but that tat is just a tad creepy.
2juta4 - almost 2 years ago
Gorgeous woman, super great video!!
room199 - almost 2 years ago
The video is so good.
Whateverking - almost 2 years ago
#60 is the winner for me, great bum well captured
Kiwidude - almost 2 years ago
I like her face. She is soft & pretty.
gpvb555 - almost 2 years ago
Ahoj from Budapest! Never an ass has graced this planet or ever will again, thank you Kris ;)
damsel - almost 2 years ago
This delivered on just about every level. Exactly what I hoped for after part 1. I love the first part of the video.
benovan - almost 2 years ago
That knight on her thigh is really cool. Great artwork. Also love everything about this gallery. Bonus points for the sole shot.
edgarallanpoe - almost 2 years ago
I usually love a girl with tattoos. But could you imagine going doggy style with her while Gollum stares you right in the face? LOL. Otherwise... beautiful girl.
81satan81 - almost 2 years ago
That's what I'm talkin' about! What room is this gorgeous babe in?!
btlsp2000 - almost 2 years ago
Pretty girl. No. 19 reminds me of Courbet's "Origin of the World," only with panties.
Phorsythia - almost 2 years ago
Substance - almost 2 years ago
Damn me I just love your ass it gives me a huge hard-on!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - almost 2 years ago