Laina Shendoah for Gooseberry added on May 07, 2017

Laina Shendoah for Gooseberry - 1
Laina Shedoah is a real find. She has these incredible looks complemented by a kinky personality. She did some hardcore work with another company. If you are a Zishy subscriber, you can find a link to them using the banner below. From what I can tell, Laina has disappeared off social media. And she no longer responds at her phone number. I battle with the idea that some women who shoot for Zishy end up regretting the exposure. I am sure it is even worse for sex scenes. I expect a future where people do not consider sex in front of a camera to be such a taboo. Trust me, the worst part is the judgment that may follow. The act is quite harmless, sometimes even enjoyable.
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I love it when you find ones like this beauty, where all the body shots are hardly even necessary--Laina's eyes are so spellbinding even a simple shot like #4 makes you stop in your tracks, and something like #40 is akin to casting a spell on a guy! Laina doesn't need to be showing herself like this if that's not her thing--she could easily be a mainstream model if she still likes being in front of a camera, and if not, I'm sure plenty of doors will open for her if she's interested. You are a stunner, Laina Shendoah!
Rushmore24 - 9 months ago
beautiful labia
teezeme - about 1 year ago
Girls do P
HenryJ - about 1 year ago
Anyone know what the "hardcore work with another company" was, where I can find it/ the"link to them using the banner below"?
gummialta - over 1 year ago
This is a fabulous shoot Zach! Laina is a very sexy and sensual woman. She know exactly how to move her body. I am certain that she is a great lover. Shows that stunning classical beauty isn't that important to be fabulously attractive and desirable. Laina is all of that. Nice camera work too.
Dusty Roads - over 1 year ago
Ouch, like Mr. Beeger said; "Are you *&^)ing kidding me?" Fabulous!!! The lingerie is fabulous and the woman, Ms. Laina is a joy to behold. Actually, I would just prefer to hold rather than behold. But such is life. Wonderful.
Dusty Roads - over 1 year ago
finally one of the complete set. ..... most of them feels like as movie without an end
Ginolova - almost 2 years ago
Nice very nice!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - almost 2 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous.
Diablo7 - almost 2 years ago
Sad to see someone this naturally beautiful being ashamed of having shared her beauty and femininity with the world. I also hope to one day live in a world where sex, the most human thing possible, is not something shocking, or something to be ridiculed. One day...
Romulus - almost 2 years ago
she looks sad
martymcbutterfly - almost 2 years ago
This chick, really knows, what is temptation! She has beautiful little-girlish face, magical eyes, stunning - perfect - skinny body, lovely fine gap. She makes grimace - not like some other girls, creepy faces - pretty cute way! She's posing professionaly in her microscopic lingerie, and I think this is the best gallery about her. Elegant, sophisticated, artistic. Best pics: 4, 6, 16, 19, 48, 55, 60! My absolute favorite!
Amorph73 - almost 2 years ago
she has the most exquisite eyes
wyldeone - almost 2 years ago
Oh, I see, thank you. For anyone else not seeing the banner, I had the Adblock plus plugin for FF blocking all the Shendoah goodness. Thanks for responding to this in person, very cool. Also, really nice natural lighting on this set of pics.
JoeZ - almost 2 years ago
Emailed you. What browser and device are you using?
Zach Venice - almost 2 years ago
It is right above the gallery page selection and user comments.
Zach Venice - almost 2 years ago
BTW, not seeing any 'banner below', or anywhere for that it a popup?
JoeZ - almost 2 years ago
Stunning! Awesome work, Zach! Another home run!
JoeZ - almost 2 years ago
Yes you are wonderful and lovely my dear. I see your spirit shining through your pics--don't let anything cloud this. :)
thatknobb - almost 2 years ago
I sincerely hope Laina doesn't regret the things she's done. I don't think any woman should ever be ashamed of being a zishy girl. Of course, hardcore porn is another level, but it still saddens me to think someone would be ashamed of expressing their sexuality to the world. Laina, if you read this, you are loved, and you are special.
benovan - almost 2 years ago
are you f'ing kidding me? AMAZING!!
beeger - almost 2 years ago