Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing
added on Apr 26, 2017
Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 1
It's that time of year again. Spring cleaning. Gotta scrub my drives of the leftovers that did not make full galleries. Oddly enough, these fell within a common sofa theme, for all you comfort fanatics. Bailey Brooke figures out how to wear this tricky piece of lingerie. Lizbette Huerta tries to cool off on a warm day in Hollywood. Ember Volland lounges after a hot shower. And Wendy Patton models her favorite clothing brand, Victoria's Secret.
Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 2
Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 3
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Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 4
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Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 6
Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 7
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Spring Cleaning and Couch Surfing - 8
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cybcar : Zack your throwing away DIAMONDS, I would pay more to see anyone of these angels past or future. Wendy is what i signed up for, and miss Huerta is also a legend, Ember Volland and Bailey brook ASOME! 5 months ago
dufreakjo : Pic #30!! Holy wow! over 3 years ago
Spitfire : Nice!! ❤️❤️ over 3 years ago
stevewest : BRAVO. this is my favorite spring cleaning gallery.. over 3 years ago
waydownsouth : My, my, my Ms. Wendy Patton, you look phenomenal in V.S. over 3 years ago
Schmunzelbacke : she is very sexy! I think, she have wonderful feet and a nice ass ;-) over 3 years ago
thatknobb : So awesome--and more Laina Shendoah! over 3 years ago
Bradley2099 : Ember in glasses just made my day. over 3 years ago
princefan79 : Way to couch surf--this is as olympic as such sport gets, in my view. Scrumptious "leftovers" these are! over 3 years ago
Swpeters32 : If you have any Stephie Musso outtakes you are holding on to feel free to throw those out there too. over 3 years ago
krazen1211 : Lizbette is the best. Glad to see more of her! over 3 years ago
room199 : A great set of sets this spring! over 3 years ago
biged72 : Ask and you shall receive. A couple of days ago I said it would be good to see Ember Volland again real soon and lo and behold we get more of her today. Love the pics of the other girls in this update to. Can't go wrong with Bailey or Wendy. over 3 years ago
edgarallanpoe : Spring Cleaning is always a fun hodgepodge gallery. Really nice small sets. Also a happy surprise to see Ember'ss soles! over 3 years ago