Lanie Morgan Night Chiming added on Apr 06, 2017

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A little less family-friendly than your typical Zishy, but some guy told me that sex is part of life. Plus, for me, Lanie Morgan can do no harm. If you hate it, rate it and comment accordingly. I don't always respond, but your voice gets heard.
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Bonus Video Clip

Look folks these girls that do full nudity, soft or hardcore porn are all over 18 and they make their own choices, so I just enjoy their beauty and and if they do porn so what. It is their life, just like it is ours to gawk at and wish we could fuck them. We are not superior. So say something positive or please keep it to yourself.
rockhopper29 - 6 months ago
I have given every one of Lanie's sets a 5-star rating just to spite the asshole below that is bitching about her having done porn.
rollo - 7 months ago
i SO MUCH fucking HATE that this girl did porn. And then not even good scenes. Most with some very old and ugly influencer. Meh. Sad she thought she needed to do porn and not stick more to this here. She not even look like sugar her voice..... <3 but her attitude has to be sbolute garbage sadly.
Kailan91 - 7 months ago
take that stupid nipple piercing out...then you will be perfect
madman002 - 7 months ago
This girl is perfection
bjmbear - about 1 year ago
I can't literally imagine a better woman all around--even is she had B cups. She's my new fav on here, and everywhere else, really. I would love to see more of her and would like to see her with bush next time.
dufreakjo - almost 2 years ago
She has always been my favorite model on here / internet. And the video shows just enough to push the limits, but also the perfect amount to keep it Zishy. Morgan for president 2020.
ZishyKing - almost 2 years ago
Something very sexy and sensual about a girl/woman with curves. Beautiful
roguermt - almost 2 years ago
Most beautiful woman on this site. Absolutely perfect in every way.
joeblow9 - almost 2 years ago
I would like to complain about the technical difficulties and how short your videos are, as far as self pleasures that was awesome we all do it don't we, but the thrill of being caught wow!
paul1776 - almost 2 years ago
Amazing curves!
Ison13 - about 2 years ago
more MORE!!!!
happyboy - about 2 years ago
moopieb72 - about 2 years ago
No hate from me, 4/5. Also don't understand why the people have a problem if models have done porn before.
lonic123 - about 2 years ago
I run short of words to adequately express my lust for this spectacular model, Lanie Morgan.
princefan79 - about 2 years ago
Wow amazing video, thanks for leaving all that in!
Xevo - about 2 years ago
Hot, hot, hot! Best video so far. Six stars
70andre - about 2 years ago
This is a REAL woman's body boys! This babe is stunning and the video is more than lovely
Hornytxn - about 2 years ago
The "touch" is everything, please continue to push the Zishy envelope with this sensual addition with other models.
Stig - about 2 years ago dats a babe!!!!!
gpro - about 2 years ago
I see that I'm going to be in the minority, but I do love the zishy tease. Lanie is beautiful, no argument, but sometimes less is more. Just my humble 2 cents...
Phorsythia - about 2 years ago
That video, god damn. No objections to any part of this shoot from me.
2juta4 - about 2 years ago
Love me some Lanie.
2juta4 - about 2 years ago
Absolutly stunning views ofLanie, love the way her tits dangle down in shots 45 & 53. Photos and video both fantastic still plenty of teasing and things left to the imagination. SUPERB!!!! :-)
tigger6285 - about 2 years ago
Thanks Lanie....awesome
stevewest - about 2 years ago
This is certainly friendly with my family ...
redwoodrex - about 2 years ago
I'm having technical difficulties :D
damsel - about 2 years ago
WOW. I mean WOW. Just WOW. nothing but WOW. That is all.
tobysultan - about 2 years ago
Easily my favorite woman on this planet.
Varatix - about 2 years ago
Love her body, those curves, her smile ... this is what a real woman looks like
elreyatee - about 2 years ago
ilis2524 - about 2 years ago
Absolutely delightful.
Mandulis - about 2 years ago
very nice!
rabbit77 - about 2 years ago
Girl has got body karate going on!
Tantrum - about 2 years ago
Please keep shooting her as long as you can.
JuanL29 - about 2 years ago
Obviously not what one expects every day here, but WOW. Helps to offset the occasional (well, sometimes not so occasional), shoot that could pass for a Macy's lingerie ad. Very well done.
Mike1050 - about 2 years ago
that body is incredible. Absolutely ridiculous
Diablo7 - about 2 years ago
loved it
bribear2 - about 2 years ago
No way shes far superior than Layla sin. Shot #13 now that's an ass! Hot video too!!
Kiwidude - about 2 years ago
Layla Sin? I don't think so. Lanie's boobs are so much fuller and nicer!!
larryirun - about 2 years ago
Porn star or not she's Bootyful.
biged72 - about 2 years ago
She is a porn star. Her name is Layla Sin.
Johnny Tees - about 2 years ago
I loved the shots with the skirt and shoes on. But I loved the nude ones too. Not a big fan of shower shots, but I'm probably in the minority. The video was great actually - no complaints from me on that! Mostly I just like it all because I think Lanie is extra hot :)
arsmoriendi - about 2 years ago
I did not expect the rubbing part in video. I however accept this as the limit for zishy. Self pleasure is alright, but anything more..Then well..Zishy won't be zishy
jg123 - about 2 years ago
Killbill - about 2 years ago
Killbill - about 2 years ago
Well that video was unexpected, but certainly appreciated. I like how she's glistening with sweat in the shots taken after she masturbated, like #36.
benovan - about 2 years ago
Porn Star... yawn
Swpeters32 - about 2 years ago
That video was incredibly sensual. Very lovely, hot as hell. Made my week. :)
edgarallanpoe - about 2 years ago
Love the real woman size
sgc - about 2 years ago