Lola Arburg on Chinese Xmas added on Mar 03, 2017

Lola Arburg on Chinese Xmas - 1
Vegas around the holidays is an interesting dance between materialism and the birth of Christ. Perhaps a bit less of the latter. Anyways, Lola Arburg was a great excuse for me to make the journey in December. She is shy, sexy, nerdy, and adventurous all at once. We explored the Trump Resort and the Fashion Show Mall effortlessly. More of this beautiful young lady to come.
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Bonus Video Clip

Easily my favorite girl on the site, and probably my favorite set. She's the perfect combination of cute, sexy, and fun. I wouldn't be mad about seeing her come back someday.
HPL66 - 4 months ago
show her urinating, soles of her bare feet, perenium, a-hole, and labia majoris!
dodpilot - over 1 year ago
A new fav... she is beautiful... those lips and eyes... WOW!
Ithou69 - about 2 years ago
moopieb72 - about 2 years ago
Dat ass. Nice!
Johnny Tees - about 2 years ago
She is so cute. Would love to see her return
Moon Baron - about 2 years ago
curious to see more of her
zaxes1234 - about 2 years ago
Nice girl, who knows that about herself! Confident, smug, and devastatingly beautiful. She has perfect figure, flawless boobs, cute face, big beautiful eyes. She's stylish and incredibly hot at same time! In my competition, she's there on the podium at second place, (close to Pearla Soonin, who's the N1 for me). So, Lola dazzled me indeed, unfortunately not in person... I hope we see her again, soon! Until then, I'm dreaming and
Amorph73 - about 2 years ago
Very cute and sexy in an interesting way
mahbell - about 2 years ago
A redhead with a great body - looking forward to more!
room199 - about 2 years ago
Not a bad effort but the sets need more excitement in them and I don't mean nudity in a public place either! The shots with your boobies out Lola tells me that you want to push the boundaries well go and do it then but not in a public place as you might find yourself in quite a lot of trouble!! ❤❤
Spitfire - about 2 years ago
My super sleuth google maps skills tell me you're in Trump Tower. Which explains why it's so empty. ;)
Humanicus - about 2 years ago
Second page was better than the first. I hope you bring Lola back for another set.
nonamenik - about 2 years ago
Sorry. I'm done with redheads, I'm a happily married guy now.
damsel - about 2 years ago
New fav thanks dude!
Drewby - about 2 years ago
Is there anything better than a nice set of puffy nipples? I think not. Sexy as hell, lola
benovan - about 2 years ago
Two days for a tease....
theone82 - about 2 years ago
Need more of Lola's face now!
kpin1 - about 2 years ago