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Album_037_1544280725345963 PatrynXX
about 1 hour ago
"tats I've grown to like as far as the colored ones go. But those ear gauges. Originally it was a racist thing now it's just plain absurd. Unlike Tats that for the most part can be covered up and some of them erased albeit painful and slow.. Ear holes don't always close up , not that large. To remove the hole you'll have to have the ears clipped on both sides to match.. Now after all that seeing her arch up :O oh my"
Album_005_0323001228264976 Gerrydc5
about 11 hours ago
"You are the goat."
Album_037_1544280725345963 r0000b0t
about 14 hours ago
"That chest piece is brilliant."
Album_037_1544280725345963 damsel
about 14 hours ago
"I prefer her natural but even more just the way she wants to be herself. And I love what you do brother. Solstafir/Alien Weaponry "
Album_037_1544280725345963 room199
about 14 hours ago
"Great body, great ink work! Look forward to more!"
Album_037_1544280725345963 Grumpy0308
about 15 hours ago
"I remember when you first introduced us to her, she had no tattoos and she was hot then and even hotter with her tats.."
Album_037_1544280725345963 CaptainMog
about 18 hours ago
"What a babe. Would love to know her instagram"
Album_037_1544280725345963 rollo
about 19 hours ago
"In twenty years (or sooner), she will regret doing that to her body. "
Album_037_1544280725345963 rchangel
about 20 hours ago
""...Notes and video to soon follow. Hate welcomed..." Can I just say, I fucking love you man! Haters can fornicate themselves in the eye."
Album_037_1544280725345963 Wodanaz
about 20 hours ago
"The "eyes" have it!"
Album_037_1544280725345963 rockhopper29
about 20 hours ago
"She must be a little shy. Their is still alot of room for more ink......GEEEEEEEEEz"
Album_020_0916281224384842 ASSmanJim
about 22 hours ago
Album_037_1544280725345963 Pierre52
about 22 hours ago
"One of my faves for sure!"
Album_037_1544280725345963 Taffy Lewis
about 22 hours ago
"Way too hot to hate."
Album_020_0916281224384842 maestro9
1 day ago
"Delicious set of legs!"
Album_025_1212586916182705 Goober
1 day ago
"She's a complete dream come true. I'm sure in other lives people started wars over her."
Album_020_0916281224384842 lonic123
1 day ago
"Love stockings, suspenders and hairy pussy, Thanks Zach"
Album_020_0916281224384842 moopieb72
1 day ago
"Cute. "
Album_020_0916281224384842 Wilk
1 day ago
"Wow!!! I'm ready to "Set her Up". Apt., monthly allowance...etc. Gorgeous. "
Album_011_1132371317325486 cobb
2 days ago
"please don't ever shave that perfect natural look"
Album_005_0510043205132216 Curly
2 days ago
"Great video ruined by a woeful song. Zero out of Ten. "
Album_120-281250img_4391 Peter Pan
2 days ago
"i really love tall skinny redheaded or blonde girls.. almost pale, some freckles .. and those gorgeous boobs.. wow!"
Album__mg_4453 Peter Pan
2 days ago
"a perfect body gets wet and bend in all ways.. I'm happy! "
Album__mg_9629 Peter Pan
2 days ago
"i love pic 40!"
Album_011_1132371317325486 Peter Pan
2 days ago
"that is one hack of a perfect spots girl.. her boobs are just amazing!"
Album_011_1132371317325486 Maserlu
2 days ago
"Love this girl with natural no shaved pussy"
Album_020_0916281224384842 Sovereign
2 days ago
"Great idea to focus on her hands in the video, they are amazing!"
Album_011_1132371317325486 damsel
3 days ago
"She is fluffy and stupefying sexy"
Album_020_0916281224384842 Grumpy0308
3 days ago
"Damn!! Helen is a beautiful and sexy girl! Hope to see more of her Zack.."
Album_020_0916281224384842 Ison13
3 days ago
"Wow, so gorgeous. Marry me Helen. <3 :)"