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Album_012_4379125737142523 sargie
about 5 hours ago
"She's beautiful Zac. Can't wait for more. Va va voom!! "
Album_012_4379125737142523 Talon
about 13 hours ago
"Peach Kennedy, Shyla Volbeck, Mia Valentine, Jia Lissa, Alejandra Cobos, Eloisa Guerra, Dita Vetone, etc. etc. ... there are already many models that are missing new sets, not counting at least another missing set by Cristina Munoz, and at least another one by Marie Boitte; when????"
Album_012_4379125737142523 Grumpy0308
about 17 hours ago
"I hope you have more pictures of this French Goddess!"
Album_012_4379125737142523 Robyngoodfello
about 17 hours ago
"P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N! Lots more of her PLEASE!"
Album_012_4379125737142523 RayGun
about 19 hours ago
"-LOOK OUT! Ah, man you just stepped in big pile of dog shit. -That ain't dog shit."
Album_012_4379125737142523 Minjanohawk
1 day ago
"She could be a runway model. Supermodel. Holy moly "
Album_030_2643164812183653 Minjanohawk
1 day ago
"Love these shots. Love the angles. I think I might be in love with the subject. Yowza"
Album_005_0534441212398295 Minjanohawk
1 day ago
"She looks like Bernadette Peters and Isla Fisher. SOFA KING beautiful."
Album_008_0226174648222739 Minjanohawk
1 day ago
"She. Is. Incredible. Wow."
Album_001_6326001716004754 Minjanohawk
1 day ago
" fucked her, right? Jesus christ I would have wanted to tie her up and fuck her"
Album_012_4379125737142523 Ffej55
1 day ago
"C'est magnifique!"
Album_030_2643164812183653 JIII
1 day ago
"My favoritest of my favorites lol "
Album_012_4379125737142523 dave35
1 day ago
"Oui oui."
Album_012_4379125737142523 billmurraythebatman
1 day ago
"I love her! I hope we see more of her really soon. "
Album_012_4379125737142523 moopieb72
1 day ago
"More Please... "
Album_012_4379125737142523 JoeZ
1 day ago
"She's smokin' hot. interesting poses with lots of movement and great contrast in your lighting; makes that near see-through top even better. she looks like a million bucks here; not a bad one in the bunch. Great job. I hope you held your nose long enough to shoot a number of sets w/ her."
Album_030_2643164812183653 JoeZ
1 day ago
"good job. I'm sure the "sneak-in" visit to her room is a hard thing to convey. I think it's a GREAT premise and a cool situation to be in. With all respect, I just don't see that nervous "we're gonna get caught" look in her face; just my two cents. I like the peek under the shirt. It's something right there all day but seldomly seen by most of us in real life. And I like your low light stuff w/ the candle. Nice work man."
Album_012_4379125737142523 edgarallanpoe
1 day ago
"What a stellar knockout. Marie is gorgeous. She reminds me of my vacation in France. Pure elegance and another reason to love redheads. Bring her back soon."
Album_009_8415121706175124 offseasonallstar
1 day ago
"Brick fucking house. "
Album_002_0054075920101319 recessesofmymind
1 day ago
"An absolute stunner. Hope to see more of her."
Album_008_0226174648222739 greywolf
1 day ago
"Great Set of Pics . . . hungry for more . . . she s cute"
Album_047_9977030529045232 recessesofmymind
1 day ago
""Keep out of direct sunlight" *proceeds to strip naked in the hot desert* lol Honestly, though, this is arguably the best set of Wendy and #40 might be my favorite shot on the entire sight."
Album_020_1054095921104523 greywolf
1 day ago
"this is Hot Stuff . . . she s so cute . . . Love # 46- # 47 amazing"
Album_022_1943064322080820 recessesofmymind
1 day ago
"Such a warm presence. Love seeing more Lacole. Her visible stretch marks in #15 made me instantly hard. Good God."
Album_036_8971133623170755 recessesofmymind
1 day ago
"Wow, she's sexy! I'm not usually into fitness junkies, but she's just the right amount of toned. Her facial expression in #31 and #33 is eerily similar to my first high school crush, which kind of made my heart drop, but in the other pictures she reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga."
Album_030_2643164812183653 bowfinger
2 days ago
"I think these sets here at Zishy are great.Some people only look at the surface and never think about the current. These are great short stories in photographs and models can take it as far as they want to. People are hyperventilating over nothing. I enjoy the teasing views and the other views as well :) For the price Zach charges, really? People are complaining? I am a "boomer" and have seen everything. Zach is a bit of fresh air in the nakety, photography side. Not to hot, not to cold."
Album_035-2705152151210 Bonedog42020
2 days ago
"Faved for dat butthole "
Album_037_9249112425132310 recessesofmymind
2 days ago
"Another day, another perfect set with Misty."
Album_008_5220180319195256 recessesofmymind
2 days ago
"I want those thighs to squeeze my head until my skull cracks. <3"
Album_044_6167112117124744 recessesofmymind
2 days ago
"I always forget how pretty she is until you post another gallery, but yea, if she dabbled in the porn industry, I'm not surprised if she went ghost. When younger models (18/19) enter that scene of big porn productions, they usually get chewed up and spit out if it's not something they're really into."