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Album_009_094511102346000 moopieb72
40 minutes ago
"Sexy! "
Album_009_094511102346000 Minjanohawk
about 4 hours ago
"Smoking hot "
Album_002_141736145418000 Minjanohawk
about 4 hours ago
"Wow I think I'd fall in love with her "
Album_006_44659175321 LickingVickyVoss
about 5 hours ago
"-sheesh!! allow me to Pull the covers off this: first off'; most women that POSE on any Porn/Erotica/Skin on Skin Website(s),etc. are GOING to be Caucasian. Not stating this to be RACISTS. its because lotta times situations can afford them too vs social stigmas,etc. black females are told they're NOT as attractive as her ( insert = any other opposite female race ),and so it follows. then the black females who do show skin it varies from person to person and website to website.another factor is ( YES we have to play the race card ) some companies Don't WANT deal with / work with black female performers / models. WHY ??? who knows theres a myriad of reasons why. black males JUST starting to ( but not as much either ) getting a little attention for themselves in the industry. it all comes down to Supply vs Demand people. you should know this already. unfortunately the DEMAND for MORE Black Females is / was / has been LOW very LOW for Decades and continues to be a LOW DEMAND. why ??? again; Who knows why. because it GOES beyond Racial Disharmony / Prejudices. you don't have to believe me. go to any ESCORT / ESCORT SERVICES personal / professional website(s). you'll see black females aren't in HIGH Demand. the MOST common female in demand is a White woman "
Album__mg_5557 LickingVickyVoss
about 6 hours ago
"- Lol; for the people who are saying " Cancel my Subscription " listen. Zack explained; shows you that this isn't a " PORNO " site.also listening to Porn Site Reviews i've found are really a waste of minutes upon minutes reviewing only when it comes to ( EROTICA / GLAMOUR / REALITY ) Websites such as ZISHY.i consider this a Erotica /Glamour Reality Site or whatever you want to call it. Whatever it is to you its STILL ART. more Closer towards playboy, less closer towards Hustler. makes more sense now??? as regarding to website reviews and peoples complaints. i feel MORE people need to speak up, complain,email,etc. all these areas whereas they falsely labeling ZISHY, other similar sites. cause seriously this is WHY the industry has some many issues ( other then TUBE Sites taking over ). Hegre-Art,Met-Art,Femjoy,W4B,etc. they're NOT PORN no matter how many naked bodies you see grace their websites. hardly ever, if any at all involves in PENETRATION with a penis or other wise. i just don't get it. something has to be done about it though!!"
Album__mg_1262 LickingVickyVoss
about 6 hours ago
"- @gpro listen; i hear ya'. but try to remember your trying to " READ " into the psyche of another human being. which in itself is a true talent. ( just look at the FBI Profilers at Quantico ).all im saying is WHO really knows what happened to her, in her past life. to mill over other people too much man. you'll LOOSE yourself in the process. literally have come across people in the industry / associations,etc. i'll say this much like zack said. people getting paid for sex isn't as much of a turn on in reality.maybe at home on a Desktop / Laptop PC per-say. but its NOT what it is.another thing to understand is some of these girls come from Literally a hole in the wall of middle earth USA and ( aka a small little town or a very big city ) and this serves as an ESCAPE from reality. others are doing it outta of " Attention " seeking or some irrational emotional event that took place before they offered their services in Adult Industry Film / Imagery. like i said there's more TO THIS SCENE then what we hear,read,view online. everybody stay safe, CHEERS !!!"
Album_007_1310381425019664 LickingVickyVoss
about 6 hours ago
"- this AGE OLD Debate " chubbier vs Skinner " Women. it boils down to what,who,whom gives and enjoys during SEX / Love Making. Seriously. if it DON'T work out for you then Move on.NOW if we are regarding towards Health. FACTS Are Facts. anyone,anybody type can / will develop cancer,debilitating diseases,etc,etc. HOWEVER every Medical advice / professional has been quoted stating that an Active Lifestyle greatly IMPROVES your chances of Longer Life Span. this includes Emotional as well as physiologically too. before George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. Died he was jumping outta of airplanes(skydiving) & hunting;etc. and he lived to 95 years of age with minor health complications. soo don't sit here and try to convince anyone of some Pseudo Chubby / Fat Science that says otherwise. "
Album_003_1446321854102605 LickingVickyVoss
about 7 hours ago
"Dat ASS maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.................. ohh yeah!! Give Us More Of Her, Please"
Album_018r9601240016962 LickingVickyVoss
about 7 hours ago
"" Fine Art " well okay then. but isn't there a VERY THIN line between fine art / glamour / erotica ? like what i'm saying is. if your NUDE you can label it whatever you WANT it to be ! Nude,Artistic,Mural,Portrait,Glamour,Erotica,etc,etc. just because you show bare skin it doesn't imply ( a sexual connotation ). i think she was offended by your offer Zack; which is silly and immature when she should've been complimentary towards you instead and thank you for the offer. and if she found herself to be not liking what was offered then politely respond with a No Thank You Sir'. sheeesh some people i swear, just don't get it!"
Album_010j4701529227521 LickingVickyVoss
about 7 hours ago
"i really enjoyed this set Zack. i have a question; more of a conundrum of ideas: why don't certain companies if not ANY sponsor certain websites. such as yours ? its NOT like this is ACTUAL PORN !! if anything its Playboy POV style. like i could see these images in a European Mens Magazine ( i know because i used to subscribe to many of them, Traveled overseas plenty ). but my query still stands like why ??? anyone care to ring in on an answer as to why ? and NOT for the Obvious ( i.e. ) its porno dude what the fuck. NO i'm talking about Soft Core / Tease / Erotica ? like its NOT degrading,Tasteless either. soo i don't know. just asking."
Album_103-485875img_7141 LickingVickyVoss
about 7 hours ago
"you can tell she has a really beautiful creamy milky cunny with those milky latte' skin of hers; combined with a nice delicious pinkish hue of pussy cat. just radiant.breathless beautiful woman. thanks ZACK !!"
Album_84_img_1239 Sovereign
about 7 hours ago
"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl !! *_*"
Album_006_0492073201222354 LickingVickyVoss
about 7 hours ago
"as another poster said " this has a Vintage Photoshoot outta of the 80's " type feels to it. LOVE IT Zack; keep the hits coming brother."
Album_008_003931161415120 littlejoe
about 10 hours ago
"she is awesome "
Album_009_094511102346000 JoeZ
about 11 hours ago
"azguy: totally agree. Well put."
Album__mg_3918 CaptainB-Fart
about 12 hours ago
""OH NOOOOES, SHE DID TEH PORNZ!!" Who gives three fucks about four fucks?? Like you assholes' parents are proud of you for paying to jerk off to sites like this. Fuck all the way off with your sanctimonious bullshit."
Album_009_094511102346000 azguy17
about 12 hours ago
"Before plastic surgeons convinced us what women should look like, this woman is perfect example of classic beauty and the fact that she also spirited is just a plus. Incredible! "
Album_009_094511102346000 Ison13
about 13 hours ago
"Welcome back Giana, very nice indeed. :)"
Album_003_1201408442143530 cybcar
about 19 hours ago
"my favorite picture number 13, whats yours"
Album_004_2048162524224005 cybcar
about 20 hours ago
"teaser mama so sexy!"
Album_015_020259125718910 cybcar
about 20 hours ago
Album_08_8300238094927 cybcar
about 20 hours ago
"love her face and big beautiful lushus perky TITS!"
Album_022_110946111746020 blvdkvlt
about 21 hours ago
Album_022_110946111746020 naughtycnidarian
about 23 hours ago
"Geezey creezey"
Album_009_094511102346000 WillieJr
about 23 hours ago
"Delicious and refreshing."
Album_009_094511102346000 rollo
about 24 hours ago
"Amazingly beautiful woman! "
Album_009_094511102346000 pat2705
1 day ago
"Superb set!"
Album_007_103009103748 Bernie122
1 day ago
"Beautiful "
Album_009_094511102346000 Hege
1 day ago
"Glad you are back. ^^"
Album_009_094511102346000 DemiLich
1 day ago
"Glad to see her return, and the natural lighting behind her, providing an almost radiant glow to her skin. Truly breathtaking."