Modeling for Zishy

You probably want to know what the heck is Zishy? Zishy is an online publication launched in 2011 with the intention of featuring eyecatching photos of beautiful women. Essentially, it is a subscription site where customers can view its full photo sets and videos inside a pay area. The content is provocative, yet strays away from your typical porn site. Oops! Yep, I said it, the dreaded P-word. Zishy is entertainment intended for mature audiences, but it is often a more tame and personal experience than the rest of what you find in the dark corners of the internet. There is always an element of tease or at least this is the intention.


Creativity and Style

A lot of thought and effort goes into Zishy. From the adventurous locations, to the wardrobe, to the models, to the personality conveyed in the images, every detail is given attention. We use creativity to find the beauty in the mundane. The styling is often realistic, staying away from things that hinder natural beauty. So, less makeup, not overtly posed, and without filtering. Why change something that's already amazing?


Trust and Safety

Earning a person's trust and consent is priority number one with this type of work. You simply can not operate without them. Before every photoshoot, all the details are discussed and agreed upon. All models are of legal age and give their written consent to use the content. Everyone is compensated the day of production and models are invited to bring an escort to the shoots. The women on Zishy are published under aliases and any personal information is kept confidential.


A Rewarding Experience

Each model is paid generously ($1,200 USD starting day rate) for their time and image. Zishy features women from all over the globe. I travel and have personally photographed 95% of what you see on here. I am based in Austin, Texas, USA and have flewn in many models for productions. There are a few select Zishy photographers who contribute in other countries. Trust me with your image and I will forever by grateful. Life is too short to miss out on a unique adventure.


Zach Venice, owner & photographer

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