Lana Rhoades Pets a Dog
added on Oct 07, 2016
Lana Rhoades Pets a Dog - 1
Before I took Lana Rhoades to the beach, I brought her to Downtown Santa Monica. One person told us that we couldn't photograph in front of their store or show their company logo. Another person asked us to not shoot on the sidewalk in front of their church. Yet another person asked if I wanted a pic of Lana petting their dog. Takes all kinds. By the way, Fuck PayPal. After several years, they decided to stop processing payments for Zishy. So if your subscription was under PayPal, it will no longer charge you and your access will eventually expire. Once expired, the site will prompt you for a new payment plan. Sorry, folks. Puritans still exist.
Lana Rhoades Pets a Dog - 2
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