Inez Saldero On Pee Sea Atche
added on Jun 03, 2015
Inez Saldero On Pee Sea Atche - 1
Inez Saldero is a beautiful eighteen-year-old in Los Angeles. Her long, thin looks help her land a variety of modeling gigs. She probably did not HAVE to take my Zishy offer, but I think her personality is what guided her in that direction. She is curious, she is open-minded, and she is confident. We first started the day with a trip to Bristol Farms for snacks. Inez claimed ambidexterity, so I challenged her to my ambidexterity litmus test: eat with chopsticks using your weaker hand. After, Inez wanted to snap some picks in her new favorite bodysuit and it was a warm day, so why not take them on the beach? Inez agreed, but I told her I also had to get some shots in her colorful tank and bikini bottoms. Inez agreed again, but she wanted to make it clear, she does not have a boyfriend. Inez explained that the shirt was just something a friend forgot after a sleepover.
Inez Saldero On Pee Sea Atche - 2
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