Giulia Wylde Recalled To Life 2
added on Feb 26, 2023
Giulia Wylde Recalled To Life 2 - 1
Part 2 and the finale of Giulia has arrived. Yes, it is both the best of times and the worst of times. I would definitely work with her again, but she probably still doesn't "get" my photography. As you can tell, Giulia is playful and fun and very candid with her oddball personality. This is exactly what I strive for, even if it is not always achieved. I have seen so much smut in my day. I am perfectly burned out by anything typical. When I am taking pictures, I strive to create something that still has a heartbeat. This tends to piss people (my models) off. You're not supposed to be able to see anyone's soul or humanity in smut. It is supposed to be cookie-cutter and very one-noted. I just love failing. I will post a video to this page by tomorrow. Thanks for supporting the best and worst smut in the game.
Giulia Wylde Recalled To Life 2 - 2
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