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Album_018_0331161106586197 Ison13
2 minutes ago
"Those profile pic's 71-73...oh my! Def becoming one of my fav Zishy models. "
Album_018_0331161106586197 Ison13
9 minutes ago
"Aurora's so friggin gorgeous! LOVE this update. <3 "
Album_018_0331161106586197 Diablo7
12 minutes ago
"bit of a boring outfit to start, but wow the pleated skirt saved the day....outstanding."
Album_018_0331161106586197 lonic123
about 2 hours ago
"Commando in public, gets my vote every time."
Album_018_0331161106586197 Substance
about 2 hours ago
"This girl is fucking awesome!"
Album_018_0331161106586197 Johnny Tees
about 2 hours ago
"Sexy ftv sample "
Album_018_0331161106586197 Zach Venice
about 3 hours ago
"You overestimate the price of weed. I could fund my weekly intake by working an hour or two serving beers at Applebee's"
Album_018_0331161106586197 biged72
about 4 hours ago
"Zach, did you start this site to help support your drug habit? "
Album_07_8008648015724 jerry555
about 4 hours ago
"When do we get to see more Raven?"
Album_062_0142241108469522 wink
about 7 hours ago
"Believe me, Zach, there is a reason why that alarms sounds whenever you know an Aries is near you. It's called self-defense and never, ever doing repeating that shit ever again!!! "
Album_062_0142241108469522 tenframespersecond
about 8 hours ago
"Amazing! 5 STARS!!"
Album_030_090011221647750 conga133
about 9 hours ago
"so gorgeous!"
Album_046_0719371558538969 ALLCHEEE808
about 14 hours ago
"Zach ,. Next trip to Kauai ,. bring the girls to Secrets Beach '3rd Beach" ,. 1. its nudie beach (can shoot whatever you want) and 2. absolutely epic Photography spot ,. get the heck out of Poipu man !?!? have you lost your mind LOL ;) tourist trap shit hole,.. so many good spots here on Kauai to shoot ~ all I'm say'n "
Album_062_0142241108469522 ALLCHEEE808
about 14 hours ago
"I would enjoy every inch of her like a was gifted a free 'All You Can Eat' Lobster Buffett ~ just pass the Lobster Bib and Wet Naps ,... and its on like Donkey Kong !!!!!!! :) "
Album_062_0142241108469522 Brewba
about 17 hours ago
"Dimples right above the butt such a turn-on! "
Album_062_0142241108469522 jg123
about 19 hours ago
"On point, amazing photos, you hide things just right. "
Album_062_0142241108469522 CarlPerkins
about 20 hours ago
"One of the very best sets on Zishy. Incredible model and photography."
Album_062_0142241108469522 lonic123
about 21 hours ago
"5 star set, thank you."
Album_046_0719371558538969 lonic123
about 21 hours ago
"This set verges on greatness, would have liked some more of the sunset photos at the end. Also liked the stunning landscape shots, I would encourage you to include a few more of your "no girl" shots from time to time."
Album_015_5843030855420 lonic123
about 21 hours ago
"Love the girl, not so keen on the outfit and set... sorry."
Album_062_0142241108469522 wink
about 21 hours ago
"Your very best work so far, Zach ! Congratulations!!!!"
Album_062_0142241108469522 csk9038
about 22 hours ago
"Hands down, the best photo set on this site! Her beauty and sexuality are over the top!"
Album_26-0327012841910 Dusty Roads
1 day ago
"One of the BEST SETs you have ever published. Beautiful woman showing very sexy shots. I may not be able to leave the house for a week. Thank You Lily!!"
Album_009_0009481728461600 ZishyKing
1 day ago
"Always nice to see a model that you " could see in the supermarket " on the internet. Beautiful from every angle yet not having the fake bullshit Hollywood look."
Album_05_071302171344520 ZishyKing
1 day ago
"She has always been my favorite model on here / internet. And the video shows just enough to push the limits, but also the perfect amount to keep it Zishy. Morgan for president 2020. "
Album_062_0142241108469522 Wildbrit
1 day ago
"Thanks Zach, really appreciate how far you push the edge of the Zishy concept here! Jocelyn threads the needle between tease and explicit delightfully well."
Album_062_0142241108469522 sargie
1 day ago
"Thanks Zach - another girl on my "in love" list. Its getting ridiculous :)"
Album_062_0142241108469522 Johnny Tees
1 day ago
"Nice nips at pic 30 "
Album_062_0142241108469522 Diablo7
1 day ago
"insanely hot."
Album_062_0142241108469522 Spitfire
1 day ago
"HOLY SHIT!!!! Jocelyn is amazing more please much more!! ❤️❤️"