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Album_042_1724230355370069 JackW
24 minutes ago
"Great work Zak...what a top girl....just perfect....thanks Laina"
Album_015_2053491131023419 milson
about 3 hours ago
"Ruby Corbett is Perfect 10/10 "
Album_142-891787img_5716 Fiersze
about 4 hours ago
"Funnily enough, I like reading your photoset description/thoughts almost as much as watching the girls :P (BTW love all the sportsy sets)"
Album_037_032021095246000 HenryJ
about 5 hours ago
"Girls do P"
Album_042_1724230355370069 Blkstln
about 6 hours ago
"What a specimen !!!! Woah!"
Album_053_0054450939080629 pierre
about 6 hours ago
"Beautiful ass and the smile!"
Album_042_1724230355370069 ItWasn'tMe
about 7 hours ago
"This girl is too pretty for porn."
Album_042_1724230355370069 benovan
about 7 hours ago
"One of the all-time great displays of female beauty, especially in the video. A true goddess, and if this is the last time she bares her naked body to the world (to each their own, if she's done with this, she's done with this) she went out with a bang. (And I'm quite familiar with the videos where she gets banged)"
Album_042_0857152242075392 riksmits
about 8 hours ago
Album_28-6589-110323370 appleman
about 9 hours ago
"i jacked to both so great job !! "
Album_042_1724230355370069 appleman
about 10 hours ago
"i would like to smell her asshole"
Album_042_1724230355370069 Ander
about 11 hours ago
"Zishy noun \'zi-shē\ : photos that leave something to the imagination. This gallery gave no chances to the imagination..."
Album_042_1724230355370069 johnsiv
about 11 hours ago
"What a phenomenal collection!"
Album_042_1724230355370069 jdog
about 11 hours ago
"Thank you. You made my day..."
Album_042_1724230355370069 Jensor
about 11 hours ago
"That video! Damn shes sexy! "
Album_015_2053491131023419 Jensor
about 12 hours ago
"Wow if that's how you found her then mad respect, she's a perfect zishy model, beautiful! Well done that man "
Album_042_1724230355370069 ftgrl980
about 12 hours ago
Album_042_1724230355370069 Spitfire
about 12 hours ago
"Nice!! ❤️❤️"
Album_042_1724230355370069 Ison13
about 18 hours ago
"Laina was becoming one of my fav's, but all good things come to an end I guess. A stunning beauty for sure. "
Album_015_2053491131023419 Anonno
about 19 hours ago
"Last part of the video where she jiggles her booty. I came hard. "
Album_02_19594111934 Lasota
about 20 hours ago
"She is a ten."
Album_07_6409603165530 Lasota
about 20 hours ago
"Sexy and marvelous. Beautiful."
Album_042_1724230355370069 asphaltcowboy
about 20 hours ago
"Her body is a wonderland"
Album_015_2053491131023419 mybanez1
about 21 hours ago
"more of herr"
Album_042_1724230355370069 Amorph73
about 21 hours ago
"All right! Who's beauty? She is!!! There's no need any detailed description: Laina so perfect. Wonderful set of pics + dazzling, more than four minutes long (!) video, which is the best on Zishy! 03:06 it's my killing time! ;)"
Album_042_1724230355370069 maestro9
about 23 hours ago
"Extremely captivating eyes, incredible body."
Album_042_1724230355370069 lonic123
about 24 hours ago
"WOW... :)"
Album_042_1724230355370069 The Brain
1 day ago
"Beautiful models and pictures and beautiful video soft congratulations "
Album_042_1724230355370069 Substance
1 day ago
"One of favorite sets. I will miss her terribly! "
Album_06img_0425_1 appleman
1 day ago
"well agree with the "dumbass" comment "