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Album_024_064310012121000 phaedrus
32 minutes ago
"Those freckles, those eyes... I'm melting."
Album_024_064310012121000 damsel
about 2 hours ago
"Oh my, another redhead dream come true.... can't wait to see more!"
Album_024_064310012121000 JoeZ
about 2 hours ago
"Nice, creative work; good call on #26 and #35. She's smoking hot; nice find! It's why we subscribe. Looking forward to seeing more of her."
Album_024_064310012121000 voyeur13
about 3 hours ago
"Sabrina is an excellent addition to the Zishy roster. I look forward to seeing more of her."
Album_024_064310012121000 lonic123
about 4 hours ago
"You have found another stunning beauty Zach. I look forward to Sabrina revealing more to us in the near future."
Album_024_064310012121000 biged72
about 6 hours ago
"Beautiful lady. Gotta l-u-v-e the red. I think she bares a little resemblance to the the lovely Ms. Jazz Reilly. We need more of her,btw. "
Album_024_064310012121000 lovezish
about 7 hours ago
"Shes cute, yes but 2 girls that need more picture gallery's are Jazz Reilly & Bristol Everett. Whatever they want just pay it as i'm sure you have more than enough to lure them out of their clothes & back in front of the camera..."
Album_024_064310012121000 renoguy78
about 7 hours ago
"Oh my..."
Album_013_2206320114022206 nooneofyourconcern
about 11 hours ago
"love that big hairy muff"
Album_004_004419065301980 rabbit77
about 12 hours ago
"so amazing beautiful!"
Album_004_004419065301980 Jensor
about 17 hours ago
"Quite possibly the best ass I have ever seen, woow she really is incredibly cute too but Damn what a bod!! "
Album_004_004419065301980 kinkyman
about 17 hours ago
"the best of her sets"
Album_004_004419065301980 terry5087
about 20 hours ago
Album_037_3295061711490 slaughta
about 21 hours ago
"Beautifu !! "
Album_004_004419065301980 PabloPicasso1019
about 22 hours ago
"This woman is absolutely stunning. I've loved every pictorial she's been in on this site, but this is by far the best! She's just absolutely gorgeous! I hope you keep bringing her back Zack!I don't know if "pitchin4" really means what he's saying or is just being a troll, but either way his comments are degenerate and shameful. "
Album_004_004419065301980 polo64
about 24 hours ago
"Black is ... you know what pidgin4 ! "
Album_009_7128040821760 bartbart
about 24 hours ago
"Stunning smile."
Album__mg_1774 MORRISS63
1 day ago
Album_004_004419065301980 Jkk72
1 day ago
"Is it possible to block racist comments like pitchin4?? Unnecessary."
Album_004_004419065301980 pinion
1 day ago
"She is really gorgeous! Please more!"
Album_004_004419065301980 dave35
1 day ago
Album_img_2922 kgjoe2010
1 day ago
"beautiful pics of a beautiful girl. love the stair upskirt shots - so sexy"
Album_004_004419065301980 lonic123
1 day ago
"Smoking hot, thank you."
Album_004_004419065301980 jayzord
1 day ago
Album_004_004419065301980 Humanicus
1 day ago
"She is ridiculously gorgeous! Kick losers like "pitchin4" off of the comments."
Album_004_004419065301980 hampton
1 day ago
""wtf !!!! what a waste of an update. thank god its only 30 pictures. please Zishy NO MORE updates like this." "dear Zishy please NO MORE updates like this anymore. I noticed you like to add links of models from FTVGirls, please follow their example, they don't use models like this on their site." "the only thing missing in this photo set is a blunt, a 40oz, money on the bed, and a gun on the table." Apparently there's a bigot in the house."
Album_013_2206320114022206 blainsbrains
1 day ago
"WOW...fucking wow. "
Album_004_004419065301980 Breathless Oblivion
1 day ago
"One of the most fantastic models on the website"
Album_xxa001 gojo885
1 day ago
Album_004_004419065301980 pitchin4
1 day ago
"the only thing missing in this photo set is a blunt, a 40oz, money on the bed, and a gun on the table."