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Album_033_6528234522172932 Johnny Tees
about 3 hours ago
"Nice and shaved."
Album_018_1406025221015322 Johnny Tees
about 3 hours ago
"Sexy ass "
Album_033_6528234522172932 moopieb72
about 5 hours ago
"Nice! "
Album_25-256206344300j patg271
about 7 hours ago
"she is awesome"
Album_41-6146155050390 Swpeters32
about 7 hours ago
"Does anybody know of any AKAs or other modeling gigs?"
Album_018_9967024834125553 Dusty Roads
about 8 hours ago
"Greetings fellow lovers of the female human's body. Zach, I just reread my comment of 3 weeks ago. Sorry about the misspelled words, first of all and now to the More Important aspect of this comment. I wanted to make sure here about what I said at the end of the comment above. I was using Paris H. and Emma W. as examples of the type of photos I and perhaps many of us would like to see. So, not photos of Paris or Emma, unless of course you could get Emma live as one of your models. That we could stand looking at.but photos of your models flashing as the exited from a car or other situations like that. Like the photos you take of the girls when you and she are getting a bite to eat. Frequently you take pics of them from under the table, looking up her skirt. That kind of upstart shot is what I'm talking about. Forgive this message if you understood my earlier request above. Just wasn't sure that I was clear in my request. thank you my brother!"
Album_006_6179001603152426 lonic123
about 9 hours ago
"WOW... a new star is born... more soon please."
Album_037_032021095246000 Rushmore24
about 10 hours ago
"I love it when you find ones like this beauty, where all the body shots are hardly even necessary--Laina's eyes are so spellbinding even a simple shot like #4 makes you stop in your tracks, and something like #40 is akin to casting a spell on a guy! Laina doesn't need to be showing herself like this if that's not her thing--she could easily be a mainstream model if she still likes being in front of a camera, and if not, I'm sure plenty of doors will open for her if she's interested. You are a stunner, Laina Shendoah!"
Album_012_1908280309380561 Rushmore24
about 10 hours ago
"I can understand why some women want to "enhance" their shape when nature doesn't give them much up top, but when someone as beautifully-endowed as this goes that route, I am totally lost. Most women would kill to look like Lana does naturally. I guess some just get an image stuck in their head, and won't be satisfied until they fulfill it....the sad part is they typically end up regretting it in just a few short years (or sooner). Glad you caught her now!"
Album_042_1724230355370069 Rushmore24
about 10 hours ago
"More often than not, when the eyes are outstanding, the rest follows...and Laina's are downright mesmerizing! Beautiful lady, great in every aspect. Always a sucker for a good bath scene, too--there's just something about that watery shine on a woman's skin that you can't look away from."
Album_327ar0601223146821 locke_c
about 10 hours ago
Album_006_6179001603152426 Rushmore24
about 11 hours ago
"As always, love the great muscle tone in the legs as a great bonus to that adorable face. Wonderful new model!"
Album_033_6528234522172932 Lop246
about 14 hours ago
"Nice shaved tight Pussy "
Album_033_6528234522172932 jjrr2020
about 19 hours ago
"Tatiana is the best. She's always got an attitude that just shines through the pictures. Seems like a really fun person. "
Album_033_6528234522172932 Spitfire
about 20 hours ago
"Absolutely perfect!! ❤️❤️"
Album_033_6528234522172932 teezeme
about 21 hours ago
"Finally - a sweet shaved pussy"
Album_033_6528234522172932 damsel
1 day ago
"Damn I'm in love with this woman. How about we make my birthday month all about Tatiana? :-D"
Album_033_6528234522172932 chop17
1 day ago
"as much as I have bitched about being able to find the best bits of Zishy sets for free this is why you have such a great site and why it is such amazing value for money. No one else does this, no one can make provocative content in such a subtle manner. No one captures such a range of beautiful women like Tatiana happy, fun and sexy. Keep it up Zishy"
Album_033_6528234522172932 ASSmanJim
1 day ago
"PERFECT TITS and a DESSERT ASS I'd LOVE to TONGUE on your knees"
Album_033_6528234522172932 Anonno
1 day ago
"Swimming pool set is still my favorite of her. Nothing has topped that "
Album_033_6528234522172932 Ison13
1 day ago
"Tatiana's one of my favs, hot as fuck! And as red5 said, very playful flirty and fun, love her! <3"
Album_033_6528234522172932 Spitfire
1 day ago
"Hot stuff can’t get enough!! ❤️❤️"
Album_033_6528234522172932 JoeZ
1 day ago
"killer set Zach. Tatiana is stunning in this and in her other Zishy gallerys too. Your unique way of working with these models is why people subscribe to semi-nude pictures of girls in 2018 when E-V-E-R-Ything is out there for free. Nice job, she's amazing looking."
Album_033_6528234522172932 red5
1 day ago
"so playful! she's a delight"
Album_010_0485051447165650 Sudheer
2 days ago
"can get into trouble if a hindu sees this"
Album_006_1639281253320297 BobaFett69
2 days ago
"Oh my goodness, I immediately made a Zishy account after discovering her. We meed more of her please. She is literally perfect. ❤️"
Album_018_1406025221015322 pierre
2 days ago
"beautiful natural woman...great legs and a beautiful smile get me every time!"
Album_49-9652224702000 jakjak
2 days ago
"bring her back ... please"
Album_010_5011131838153548 wanacito2000
2 days ago
"Just amazing!"
Album_018_1406025221015322 asphaltcowboy
2 days ago
"Such a heavenly body"