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Album_041_076z8 asphaltcowboy
about 4 hours ago
"Wow, a stunner"
Album_041_076z8 voyeur13
about 6 hours ago
"Jasmine is gorgeous! Her face reminds me of Courteney Cox in her prime. I sure hope there's more of her to come."
Album_041_076z8 Fiersze
about 7 hours ago
""This is not for everyone. This is for me. Do your thing. If our interests match, let's tango." the words of a prophet, man!"
Album_006_1726331420550796 polo64
about 9 hours ago
"even better with her hair loose "
Album_041_076z8 DarthSync
about 10 hours ago
"I don't blame the rapper for hitting on her. Jasmine is definitely gorgeous."
Album_058_9986780173151 polo64
about 10 hours ago
"You don't need to justify your choice Zach. I checked her porn stuff on Pornhub or Xhamster. Some may like it, I don't. And I must say that she's far better in your shooting sessions here, far more beautiful. Here, she simply looks sexy, in her porn stuff, she doesn't. But hey ! It is just my opinion and I admit that some may think in a different way. I just think it's too bad that she does porn. She could surely earn money in a different way !"
Album_041_076z8 room199
about 11 hours ago
"Jasmine is nice! More?"
Album_041_076z8 jayzord
about 13 hours ago
"She got Zishy "
Album_041_076z8 samsung0807
about 13 hours ago
"Holy a real hard boner."
Album_041_076z8 teezeme
about 16 hours ago
"very sexy"
Album_041_076z8 damsel
about 16 hours ago
"Beautiful gazelle :D Devastatingly sexy set!"
Album_041_076z8 ItWasn'tMe
about 19 hours ago
"Wow. That smile."
Album_041_076z8 Holst47
about 19 hours ago
"GodDAMN she is beautiful"
Album_010_7433055610040011 moopieb72
about 20 hours ago
"Sexy! "
Album_011_7716103651134935 recessesofmymind
about 20 hours ago
"She is stunning. @nooneofyourconcern - Bye, guy. I doubt anyone wants your toxic attitude here anyway."
Album_010_7433055610040011 recessesofmymind
about 20 hours ago
"Naomi seems really... sad in this video. It's almost a little heartbreaking."
Album_053_7930070501053319 recessesofmymind
about 20 hours ago
"@diablo69 - Disagree. Nothing like a good tease."
Album_016_0018100518225945 recessesofmymind
about 21 hours ago
"I love when there's a new model and she's *this* cute. Jesus. And that booooty!"
Album_011_7716103651134935 zaxes1234
about 21 hours ago
"i love this set. I would have completely disregarded her if i seen her in hardcore porn. but her looking all normal really sells it for me. i like girls looking normal. not all of them cliche long hair white girl with everythingg shaved"
Album_011_7716103651134935 ur1secretadmirer
about 21 hours ago
"That's all? Please post another set with her soon!"
Album_103-499771fe6a4048 Sammy
1 day ago
"Back in my college days, I used to work at the Griffith Park Observatory and Planetarium. Once I photographed a cute co-worker in that very same spot. Alas, she didn't show much of her body. This shoot brought back those memories. Thanks!"
Album_24_7006365075434 Sammy
1 day ago
"How did the shoot on the bridge over PCH go? If it didn't cause any car crashes I'd be surprised. And the set on the beach right in the middle of a crowd, didn't attract any unwanted attention?? Brazilian women have the most seductive bodies, and this series proves it."
Album_011_7716103651134935 gojo885
1 day ago
"Glad it's your last week!"
Album_038_9512075949133239 JuanL29
1 day ago
"Very nice! But where's the video of the second part of the shoot, where she's gloriously buck naked in her backyard? I hope that will be forthcoming in a future set."
Album_011_7716103651134935 nooneofyourconcern
1 day ago
"Nice looking girl, too bad this is my last week here on Zishy. It was a great site at some point but old dude here tried to get bold and SJW-like (commence his eye rolling). I won't grouse over it, you know it's true. You ruined your once great site with your terrible, unoriginal opinions. Perhaps spend less time taking pictures, more time outsourcing more of those mind-blowing Spanish girls, quit posting obese naked women, and then read a book to gain your own perspective that doesn't default to wearing a "I'm with her" pin to get your dick sucked. Loser."
Album_010_7433055610040011 Icywrist
1 day ago
"wow this is really sad"
Album_011_7716103651134935 elt1guere
1 day ago
"more of her ! beautiful"
Album_015_1058561413396070 LeatherSoSoft
1 day ago
"This girl could fucking get it"
Album_011_7716103651134935 Spitfire
2 days ago
"More boobies please!! xx"
Album_011_7716103651134935 Ison13
2 days ago
"Love Karissa's lips...and her lips too. ;)"